Sensitive change notifications allow enabled users to receive email notifications when a user makes a change to:

  • Owner, Bond, Creditor or Agency Payment details
  • Generates an ABA/EFT file
  • Export Rent Roll is processed
  • Sell a Rent Roll is processed
  • View Historical Sales is Processed
  • Owner, Property, Tenant or Creditor Profile is archived
  • Export Owner Contacts is processed

Administrators can configure Administrators or Super Users to receive notifications when one, multiple or all of the above actions are completed. 

To configure users to receive sensitive change notifications navigate to Configuration > Company Tasks > User Management.

Next to Super Users and Administrators you will now see a Security Shield. 

Click on the shield to access the configuration for sensitive notifications.

Select one or multiple options for alerts. 

Click Save.

The user configured will now receive alerts via email containing:

  • Date & Time of the change
  • What the change was
  • Who made the change

If a User no longer requires Sensitive Change Alerts you simply need to remove the configured settings. 

  • Navigate to User Management
  • Click Security Shield next to relevant User
  • Deselect Sensitive Change Options
  • Click Save