Summary: This article aims to provide information on how to utilise and understand each widget displayed in the Agency section of Business Insights.

To navigate to the Agency board, click on the Agency icon

The order of these icons can be moved by clicking and holding on the icon and dragging it left or right.

However you chose to organise the icons, Property Tree will remember your choice for next time.

Click the View Filters icon  on the right-hand side to customise the data on the Business Insights Page as required.

You can filter Business Intelligence by Commercial or Residential selecting the Management Type

If you have more than one active Trust Account in Property Tree, you can filter the dashboard by choosing a Trust 

If you wish to view information in a past Financial Year, you can select one or multiple different years to filter by.

You can filter information using Financial Month and selecting one or multiple months to view and compare

Choose Portfolio to customise the data on the dashboard based on one or more portfolios 

You can filter Property Type to compare and view the differences between each type i.e. houses and apartments 

If you would like to compare information on the amount of bedrooms in the property, you can use the filter option Bedrooms

NOTE – Leaving the filters blank will give you results for the whole company.

NOTE – The filters chosen will remain next time you come into Business Intelligence. You will be able to see the set filters on the right-hand side of the screen.

Above the Filters section a notation will display for your "Last Data Refresh" which will display the day, date and time that the business insights data was last updated:

This is controlled by us and is updated frequently to ensure the data you are seeing is up to date. 

In addition, there is a Refresh icon at the far top left that you can click which simply clears any caching and will retrieve the most up to date feature information for you

Drill Down & Drill Up

Drill Down & Drill Up options are available again each widget on the page, this allows to see further information, less information or focus just on that particular section of the page. The Drill down & Up option also allows your to export and filter the information. 

Click to Drill Up Information

Click to go to the next level of Hierarchy

Expand all down one level in the hierarchy

 Click to Drill down information

Filter options - This appears with the filter options that you have selected on the right-hand side filter panel 

Focus Mode - Select this option to view only this widget

More Options - Use this to export data, show data and spotlight


The widget, Current, shows the total number of Active Properties, Tenancies, Arrears Amount, Vacancy Rate and Arrears Rate. 

The widget, This Month, shows a break down of information for the current month, this displays the total amount of properties gained, vacant properties that have become vacant in this month, the total number of tenants that have moved into properties and if there have been any lost managements.


The Arrears widget displays the number of tenants in arrears compared to the total amount of Active Properties in Property Tree

The number of Vacant Properties displays compared to active Properties within Property Tree

The total amount Active Leases displays compared to active Properties within Property Tree

Gained/Lost widget displays Gained Vacant Properties, Gained Tenants, Lost Properties, Gained and Lost Managements in total for that month  and Active Properties line. 

If you wish to break down the information by viewing one month, you can click on the graph in the month you would like to view. This will update all widgets in the Agency Section to appear with information in that particular month only.  To revert back to viewing all, click anywhere on the box which will refresh the widgets on the screen. 

Top Suburbs appear with a percentage amount of vacant properties compared to the percentage of leased properties.

Active Property by Property Type displays all properties that are within Property Tree, breaking down the information by different Types i.e. house, apartment, office, land etc. This information is selected against the property profile. 

Any Outstanding Maintenance Jobs will appear in the Outstanding Jobs N+ Days widget. This will break down the maintenance jobs by status and display the number of jobs against each along with the total amount. 

Vacancy Rate Widget displays the percentage amount of vacancies for the last three months. 

Arrears Rate Widget displays the percentage of tenants in arrears in the system for the last three months.

Expired Leases Rate widget displays the percentage amount of leases that have expired each month for the last three months. 

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