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December 2018

Quote Request Update on Maintenance Jobs

User Voice votes 46

Maintenance has been enhanced so that upon changing a quote request to work order, any creditor details that have been sent quote requests will remain visible on the maintenance job. This will allow users to retrieve quote information that did not proceed to the work order stage.

Users will also be able to choose if they wish to send a cancellation email to other creditors where a work order has been created and where multiple quote requests were created.
This feature is brought to you by the 46 votes on User Voice

Bond and Deposit Summary Report

User Voice votes 102  

The Bond and Deposit Summary has now been enhanced to offer more information and filtering options, reducing manual processes and searching. The report will now display the Bond Reference Number and filters such as Bond Type, Tenancy or Property have been added and users can now identify Tenants with no Bond set up against the Tenancy Profile.
This feature is brought to you by the 102 votes on User Voice

Management Screen Updates

To ensure ease of use and to streamline the user interface reporting links on the Management screen have now been disabled. The reports will all be available under the Trust & Reports screen and broken down by category.

A notification and link on the Managements page can be seen to go to the Trust & Reports area to view these reports instead.  

Bulk Bpay with Westpac Live Business Banking

 Westpac Live Business Banking Customers can now process Bulk Bpay files as CSV from PropertyTree.  

Creditor Invoices with duplicate PDF name

 Creditor Invoices with duplicate PDF name will now include all invoices in the Invoices.zip file sent out with the Ownership Statement.

Withheld funds from Ownership Payment for Creditor Invoices

When doing Ownership Payments, selecting criteria for ‘payments only’ caused the amount held for outstanding invoices to be removed. This will now correctly withhold the outstanding invoices from the ownership payout if due within 30 days.

Tenancy Held Funds Merge Field

 When merging the Tenancy Held Funds amount, it was incorrectly merging the amount as $0.00 unless there was an outstanding invoice. This now merges the correct tenancy held funds amount. 

November 2018

Arrears, Leases and Rent Review Reports
User Voice votes 459

Tenancies in Arrears and Tenancy Leases Reports have been enhanced to offer more information and the ability to sort and search by various fields

The latest report added is Tenancy Rent Reviews, making it easy to manage rent reviews as well as giving many options for searching and sorting
This feature is brought to you by the 459 votes on User Voice
Direct Debit

User Voice votes 132

Direct Debit has been added as a feature, so customers can offer tenants another way to pay their rent and reduce their own workload. After funds have cleared receipts can be emailed in bulk for tenants that are correctly setup to enable emailing of receipts
This feature is brought to you by the 132 votes on User Voice
Pin Note to Profile

User Voice votes 390

Building on the Notes functionality, you can now Pin a Note to a Profile screen. Any important note that needs to be seen by anyone viewing the profile will now highlight and pin to the top of the profile page

This feature is brought to you by the 390 votes on User Voice
Mobile Contacts App - New Zealand

The Property Tree Mobile Contacts App is now available for download and use in New Zealand
Automated Communications - Arrears

User Voice votes 28

The number of automated communications options relating to arrears has been increased from 4 to 30
This feature is brought to you by the 28 votes on User Voice

Cancelling a Job

User Voice votes 102

When a job is cancelled, you now have the choice to notify, the creditor/s attached to the job
This feature is brought to you by the 102 votes on User Voice


Movinghub can now be configured to allow an automated referral when a tenancy profile is created
Exporting Data

Information exported from Property Tree to CSV or PDF has been enhanced to ensure that all visible fields are seen as selected

An error message was occurring when an invalid character was entered on a note. This has now been fixed so the error will not occur in future

Commercial Rent Arrears Report

When a new commercial tenant had an unpaid rent invoice the arrears report showed “n/a”, as the paid to date. The report will now show the correct paid to date

Mail Merge

 When setting a mail merge template and a picture was downloaded from the internet, then that picture no longer existed in the same place on the internet, the mail merge failed. This has been fixed to allow you to insert the picture into your template, regardless of where the picture originated from, and have the mail merge continue to work

Groups with Non-Mandatory Tags

 When a Group is established with non-mandatory Tags, the option to remove the Tag has been added across all areas

Contact Type

 Adding a contact type to an existing tenancy contact that previously did not have the contact type selected will now save successfully

Tribunal Report

 The tribunal report has been updated to ensure long notes added to a tenancy profile show the full details of the note

Global Search

 When using a phone number or email address in the Global Search field the result will appear once, rather than multiple times

October 2018
Find Payment Batch Screen
In the ‘Find Payment Batch’ screen, you can clear or select, all payment batch types by using the “All” tick box
Creditor Invoices Attached to Ownership Statement
Any owner with four or more creditor invoices will receive their statement with invoices accessible through a zip file for easy downloading and openingIn the ownership profile, 'Last Statement' now has a column labelled as 'Creditor Invoices'. You will be able to easily view and download the creditor invoices sent to the owner with their statements
Statistic Report Added to Close of Period

The Statistics Report has been added as an option to send as a part of the End of Month reporting when you close the period

Tenant Portal: Inspection End Time
The inspection end time on the Tenancy Portal will display correctly
Keys Logged Out Note
When key notes are added to PropertyTree, tracking the keys being logged out, the time and date of being logged out will reflect your time zone
Tenant Download
Processing a Tenant Download .PAY File is quicker with no delays
Point of Contact Email Banner
When selected, the Point of Contact banner used in emails sent through PropertyTree, point of contact banner will now correctly show the Point of Contact instead of Company Banner
Archived Tenants
After a Sale of Rent Roll process is performed, any archived tenant will not receive notifications for outstanding invoices
Find Fees
The Find Fee search function will now process without long delays
Change of Ownership

When completing a Change of Ownership, the rent settlement journal amounts will now display correctly on Ownership Statements

REI Forms
REI Residential Tenancy Agreement Schedule will display the correct information in 'Fixed Period' field

September 2018

Reduced Price for SMS

The price per SMS has been reduced to $0.10 per SMS for Australia and New Zealand
New Look Trust & Reporting Page

The PropertyTree Trust & Reports page now shows all the comprehensive reporting capabilities of PropertyTree. You can still find the reports in their original location but from now you can see all reporting in one easy to find area.

With so many reports the layout has also been changed to make it more user friendly.
Email Banners for Ad-hoc Emails

You can now add your company banner, or user, to ad-hoc, or one-off, emails. If you have previously set up your company, or user, banner in the Configuration area of PropertyTree, you will now be able to easily add that banner to emails sent directly from PropertyTree.

Hide Trust Details from Receipts

You can now hide your trust account details on your tenant receipts. In Configuration>Trust Details tick if you want to add or hide your Trust Account information to tenancy receipts and invoices.
Prompt to Accept User Terms

All new users to PropertyTree will have to accept the user terms as once off process.
Merge Field for Rent Increase Notifications
When generating a rent increase notification, the wrong date was merging into the notification. This has now been fixed and the correct rent increase start date will merge.
Information Audit Report
When reporting for an extended time frame a timeout was occurring and the user would have to start again. This has been fixed and will no longer occur.
Creditor Statement View
If a transaction on the creditor statement went across the footer of the page, some details could not be seen. This has been fixed so that all details can be seen.
Statistic Report
An error referring to an invalid Authority End Date entered on a property profile will no longer show when the Statistics Report is run.
Find Fees Screen

When looking at the Find Fee screen it limited the number of search results to 500. That has now been increased to 5,000.

Bulk Mail Merge
When completing a bulk mail merge and selecting a portfolio, only 'unassigned' options were displayed. This has now been fixed.

August 2018

Mobile Contacts App
The Mobile Contacts App feature allows active users in PropertyTree to quickly and securely view, phone, email and SMS all Tenant, Owner and Creditor contacts on-the-go. With caller ID activated Mobile Contacts App also allows for the user to know who is calling them, if they are an Owner, Tenant or Creditor, and what property their contact relates to. In addition, there is a link to the Maps feature for directions to the property.
REI Forms
For users of the REI forms and templates, they have been updated to no longer have information from PropertyTree overwrite your personal, customised, template from within REI forms. All information set within REI forms will remain as entered from REI forms.

Reactivating Fees
If a user has made a fee inactive and requires it to be active again, it can now be reactivated through Configuration > Fees > Show Inactive > Click the Reactivate button

Maintenance Requests
When the 'Requested by' contact entered into a maintenance request is made inactive, and the maintenance request is still in progress, the maintenance request will view as normal

Revoked Users Removed from Statistics Report Page
When users a searching via portfolio in the Statistics Report Page, revoked users will no longer show as an option

File Size Limit
The file size limit for tenancy and creditor invoice attachments has been increased to 30MB

Bond + Symbol Not Showing
When adding a bond invoice, if the + symbol doesn't appear this is an indication that the user needs to set the bond account within Configuration > Accounts

Unassigned Portfolio
Any active properties will now show if the portfolio filter is set to Unassigned 

July 2018

Tenant Download
The Tenant Download feature automates the receipting of tenancy payments that have been direct deposited into the agency's trust account. It is available for residential and commercial tenancies.Tenant Download allows PropertyTree customers to upload their bank statements and other receivable files (e.g. BPAY and files issued by 3rd party payment providers) to be receipted and reconciled automatically.Tenants need to be issued with a Tenancy Reference ID by the Agency and use this when they make a payment. When the payment files are uploaded to PropertyTree, the Tenancy Reference ID is used to  match transactions and auto-receipt and auto-reconcile.

June 2018

Platform Performance and Stability

This month we have focussed on strengthening platform stability and performance in time for EOFY.

New Filter s  - Find Transaction screen 

New filters have been added to the Find Transactions screen. In addition to the existing filters, you can now also filter transactions by amount, property and details (description).

May 2018

Tags available in Inspection Search
A new filter has been added to the Inspections Summary screen, allowing you to filter the list of inspections by Property Tags.
Notes & Alerts
You can now locate a note within PropertyTree based on the Alert Dates set when creating the note. On the Find Note screen, you can now enter a date range in the Alert From and To fields. This allows you to search for any notes that have an alert set during that time. Further filter your search by profile, note type or date created. 

Maintenance Request  - Add Job Details Default
When creating a Maintenance Request via the Property Profile screen, the option 'Add job with these details' is selected by default. If you don't wish to add a job when creating a Maintenance Request, simply uncheck the 'Add job with these details' box.
REI Integration for ACT
With this release, REI Forms integration has been made available for ACT customers. REI Forms Live allows you to complete your sales, property management and commercial forms online. REI Forms and agreements are legally compliant and 100% backed by by each of the state based Real Estate Institutes.
April 2018

You are now able to upload and process multiple invoices at once using the Invoice Genius Bulk approval feature. Create invoices in bulk. If all fields required for validation have been pre-filled by a QR Code or barcode, and all mandatory Creditor invoice and Tenant invoice information is correct then the creditor invoice will be available for bulk approval.Invoice Genius Bulk Approval processing:-
  • Provides an upfront and instant status of each invoice.
  • Invoice Genius Bulk Approvals informs the User of invoice duplicates.
  • Creditor Invoices that can't be processed via Invoice Genius bulk approvals are clearly identified on screen

PropertyTree allows you to add a new rent change for a tenancy or to edit an existing rent change. Editing a rent change date can result in incorrect paid to date information for a tenant, which cannot be reversed.
A warning will now display on screen alerting when a rent change will affect the Paid to Date and the User is prompted to confirm these changes.  

Auto-Complete addresses
When using Auto-Complete for searching addresses in PropertyTree, US addresses were appearing first. This has been updated so the default is set to the company’s location first, followed by the User’s location when searching for addresses.

Anniversary Dates

Anniversary dates display in yellow on the Rent Change screen when using a lower resolution in some browsers.

Owner Portal
I&E Graph on Owner Portal has been updated to display data from selected date range
  • Fixed issue where message from PropertyTree to Owner & Tenant portal was being cut-off when sent from iOS

Tenancy Lease Report

Tenancy Lease export to pdf option now displays all columns when exported to pdf.

Change of Ownership
Improved property archive checklist and removed lost management message on property profile during a Change of Ownership.

March 2018

New configuration option for ownership contacts
Each ownership contact has configuration options pertaining to monthly and yearly Income & Expenditure statements.With this change, you will be able to select ownership contacts to generate statement for.  Other options for those selected, include: Delivery method, Style, and Font.NOTE: Ownership contacts currently configured with 'Do not send' will have the 'Send by' flag turned on.

Default reports generated during close of period
Previously, when closing a period, the reports selected for export: Reconciliation Summary, Unreconciled Items, Trust Trial Balance.Now a standard set of reports can be exported each time the period is closed. Select the check box for each report you wish exported as part of your Close Period and the selection will be saved, and selected automatically the next time.

  • We have added a bulk invoice description field and a due date picker to the Invoice Genius upload screen. Add the Description and Due Date once per batch of invoices saving time when loading a batch of invoices of the same invoice type for example Council rates or Water rates.
  • Invoice Genius will now check for invoices in the drafts queue, if found there is now an option to navigate to the drafts queue or to Upload another batch.
  • Start a new batch from within Invoice Genius rather than going back to the Managements page.

New Field added to Lease & Rent Information
A new field Charge Tenants Water Usage: has been added to Tenant Profile > Lease & Rent Information. Use this Check Box to highlight tenants who need to be charged for Water Usage when using Invoice Genius to process water rates.

Sales - Add Contact & Select Existing Contact

The Add Buyer and Add Vendor screens have been updated. Changes include:
  • Add Vendor contact panel has been updated to the same format of  other 'contact' panels in PropertyTree
  • Add buyer contact panel has been updated to the same format of  other 'contact' panels in PropertyTree
  • Search for and select existing contacts, making Sales consistent with other ares of PropertyTree
  • The Contract for Sale field on the Sale Property profile has been changed to Buyer

February 2018

Pay Ownership  - withholding funds for outstanding invoices 

Previously PropertyTree withheld funds from ownership payment for all outstanding creditor invoices.
With this enhancement, funds are only withheld for outstanding creditor invoices that are due within the next 30 days.

Click for more information

January 2018

Help Centre Changes

The Help Centre has been updated due to feedback received from the PropertyTree Community. Changes include:
  • A new smaller Need Help? icon replaces the strip of options, minimising the risk of accidentally clicking +/- and close when using other commands located on the right side of PT.
  • Access to the Knowledge Base, Support Tickets, Chat, Suggest Improvements, Release Notes, Video Library, Announcements and Training is now accessible via the new look slide out panel.
  • Elegant design overhaul, creating a clean & simple user interface.
  • Knowledge Base article search has been improved. A powerful, deep, weighted search surfaces the right content with minimal effort.
  • Smart suggestions show 'related articles' based on what you have been looking at in the past. Think of it like a built in concierge.

New user set up

The following error will now display when an email address or phone number is in use by a current user, 
'An error occurred sending the validation code to +6112345678: The phone number is already in use.'

Xero - Pay Agency integration

In some instances a Server Error was returned when attempting to Pay Agency with Xero integration. This has been rectified.

Archiving during Change of Ownership

Prospective and active tenancies linked to a property undergoing a 'Change of Ownership', can now be archived.

Sale of Rent Roll

The 'Sale of Rent Roll' process has been up dated to include held funds validation for all tenants attached to a property including: 
Vacated Tenants, Vacating Tenants, Active Tenants and Prospective Tenants.

What we fixed in this Release
  • Note History shows correct user making any note changes.

  • When creating a new tenancy, the Tenancy Reference Number generated by PropertyTree will now be 6 digits in length, making it easier for you to identify your tenants rental payments.
           No existing tenancy IDs will be modified.

November 2017

Statistics Report 

You will now have the information that you need to identify what needs your attention, or identify things that you might want to review so that you can adjust your strategy. This report can benefit you and your business by:
  • Pulling data from both the Property Management and Sales areas of PropertyTree, and presenting them separately in the report.
  • Allowing you to choose and adjust the dates and period range that you are looking to measure.

  • Restricting access to this report to users with Administrator or Super User access to protect the sensitive nature of the data.

  • Select either one or all trust accounts you would like to generate your report data from
  • You can also generate a report based on each individual user to track performance

Invoice Genius

  • Duplicate invoice checking tools enhanced (checking period set to two months)
  • Tenancy Water Rates invoices will now fill correct usage details if the invoice has an enhanced BPAY water rates QR Code
  • Specific invoice items no longer duplicate when uploading to Invoice Genius
  • Property Addresses not appearing on certain invoices has now been fixed

Information Audit

Adding contact to Tenancy issue fixed

Managements Section

Smoke Alarms within Quick Links now aligns properly

October 2017

Invoice Genius 

Invoice Genius uses barcode reading to automate data entry for Creditor invoices.
  • Reading Australia Post or New Zealand Barcodes, allows detail to be pulled from PropertyTree Creditor, Property and Tenant profiles
  • Scan paper Invoices or upload emailed electronic Invoices
  • Upload batches of 100 invoices for FREE
  • The processor uses an inbuilt PDF viewer allowing Creditor invoices to be easily viewed within PropertyTree alleviating the need to use an external application to view Creditor invoices
  • Review scanned and newly created invoices side by side in Invoice Genius's processor
  • Automatically create and send Tenant Invoices

Bankwest BPAY

In preparation for Bankwest supporting the consumption of BPAY bulk payment files in late October, we have activated this function to allow PropertyTree Bankwest customers to export bulk BPAY payment files.  

Download Mail Merge Letters

When generating mail merge letter(s), an email is sent to the initiating user notifying them when the file is ready to be downloaded.

This includes the scenario where a mail merge letter is requested for a single contact of a profile.

With this change, a mail merge letter for a single contact of a profile will be downloaded rather than the user waiting for the email.

Mail Merge fields added for Vacating Tenants

The following merge fields have been added for automated communications - emails, letters and SMS: 
  • Total To Vacate 
  • Rent To Vacate 
  • Held For Tenancy 
  • Sum of invoices and fees 
  • Sum of rent, fees and invoices

September 2017

Allocate Tenancy Held Funds

When creating a                     Creditor Invoice and also adding a linked                     Tenancy Invoice, the option to                    Allocate Held Funds towards a                    Tenancy Invoice displays within the initial setup screen.

Pay Owners

A confirmation page will now appear when you click '                    Process Payments and Statements'
This will display the number of owners that will be paid. Clicking on yes will proceed with payment.

Creating an Adjustment

Debit / Credit fields are now displayed before the amount field

August 2017

Statement failing to Create

'Statements failing to create' error messages is no longer displayed when an                     Ownership is configured with a manual fee & email statements.

REI Forms Live/Realworks

All  templates are now being displayed when ‘                    Show All’ is selected.
Sales Advice merge fields are now propagating correctly.

Income & Expenditure reports

The                     Income & Expenditure report is now displaying the correct statement start date, when a                     Starting Position has been added.

Create Tenancy Credit

Tenancy Prospects are now included in the                     Create Tenancy Credit search results.


CBA BPAY file format has been updated from csv to txt.

American Express Surcharge

Configuration > Optional Features - AMEX surcharge has been updated to 2.75% as per regulatory changes.

July 2017

All vacant properties are now showing under Dashboard > Property Statistics.
Security deposit concurrency issues are now resolved.
Inconsistencies when sending multiple emails have been corrected.

 June 2017

Sales > Add Vendor/Creditor/Conveyancer Property Search is now verifying addresses correctly.                    
The Owner Portal Commercial Rent was displaying an incorrect (excl GST) label where the figure is actually GST inclusive. The correct details are now displaying.                    
‘Invalid Dates’ are no longer slipping by the required filed check.
Safeguards added to Business Role and User assignment/removal.
Creditor mail merge now completes successfully.
Removed random characters from Fee Editor
Search results onManagements > Find Fee > All Trusts now return the correct results
Incorrect asterisk removed from Configuration > Subscriptions
Alerts on Maintenance Jobs with multiple notes is now be removable.
Upgraded internal tools.
Updated date check on Change of Ownership.
Sales Statements now display complete Sale Property addresses.
A fix has been implemented for users of Google Chrome. Intermittently, Contact information seemed to be missing.
A small number of users were showing a discrepancy between Unknown Funds amount and Unknown Receipts Ledger, this has been rectified

May 2017

Arrears Improvements

View Tenants in Rent Arrears from the dashboard.

  • Vacant/vacating tenancies and overdue invoices have been removed from the arrears statistics on the dashboard, giving a concise view of tenants in rent arrears and closing the gap between the dashboard display and arrears reporting.  

  • New filters have been added to the Tenancies in Rent Arrears and Find Tenancy Invoice reports. Tailor search results by selecting the number of days, that tenants are in arrears or invoices are overdue by.

Dashboard Refresh

Save time with a faster dashboard loading.

  • Statistics will now be refreshed on the first login of the day, by the first user. Those figures will be reflected on the dashboard of all users. 

  • A refresh button has been added to each of the four statistics panels, allow for the refresh of individual panels, generating up to date statistics as required.

Bank Reconciliation Reporting

Resolve reconciliation variances quickly with a clearer breakdown.

The Bank Reconciliation Summary has been split into three reports, Reconciliation Summary, Unreconciled Items List and Reconciled Items List simplifying auditing and variation investigations.
  • A new Reports menu has been created to house reconciliation related reports, it is available throughout the bank reconciliation process and allows the printing of reports directly from the Bank Reconciliation pane.
  • Also included as part of this enhancements, the Reconciliation Summary has been added to the list of reports available at Close of Period.

Email & Mail Merge multiple contacts

Save time emailing and mail merging multiple contacts.

We have added a new Actions menu to contacts panes throughout PropertyTree (except Creditor's & Conveyancers), enhancing to the existing Email and Mail Merge functionality. Now you can email and mail merge to one, some or all contacts, linked to the same profile.
Email receipt to vendor/buyer contact's can now be deselected
Automated communications & Mail Merge - Reply to: = Point Of Contact's email address
Export all from Pay Ownership table will now export the Pay Amount to a pdf or csv file
Prepaid Top-up no longer charges the American Express surcharge for non American Express cards
Creditor Payment Batch List no longer fills blank reference number fields with invoice number
Balance mismatch during Owner Statement generation has been rectified
Property Address visible on Tenancy Invoices
Add Inspection search now includes all business roles
Mail merge - no longer duplicates tenant contacts
Reference from Unknown funds opening balance starting position is now saved
The status value 'Money Allocated' has been removed from the creditor invoice search page
Added leading zero to BNZ aba file
During a Rent Change the Tenancy Ledger will reflect the details of the user processing the transaction rather than the user who created the rent record

February 2017


This release sees enhancements to the Communications History. Use the new filters for faster searches and results with more information.
  • Communications History - New search filters have been added, Search results have been limited to 500, allowing tailoring. The new fields are: Entity/Contact Name, Profile Type, Communication Type, Contact Method and Status.
  • Template names - Mail Merge template names are now visible in communication search results, now you see exactly what was sent e.g. Mail Merge: <template name>
  • Automated Communications - New Automated Communication and Mail Merge fields have been added. 
    • Replace Tenancy Invoice, has been created to inform tenants that an existing invoice has been edited and directing them to the replacement.
    • Work Order Number has been added as a mail merge field allowing you to customise the Maintenance & Quote Requests templates.
  • Sending/Re-sending Communications - Resend communications from maintenance requests and work orders and view or resend, sent communications directly from profiles.

Property Profiles

  • Water Usage Pane - has been added to help track efficiency and meter readings, you can record: Water Efficiency, Allowances (kl), Last Reading (kl), Last Reading Dates and Last Inspection Date
  • Smoke Alarms - Notes & Alerts are now available on Smoke alarms
  • Property Types - The list of Property Types has been increased to include: 
    • Residential - Semi-detached, Duplex, Land
    • Commercial - Commercial  Farming, Land Development
  • Car Spaces - The number of Car Spaces in the Property Details has been increased to 4 digits, allowing management of Commercial and larger car parking.

Work Orders

Track Maintenance jobs via Work Order and Quote Request numbers and save time by resending Work Orders directly from Maintenance jobs.
  • Work Order and Quote Request numbers now visible throughout the maintenance process, showing on the following communications: 
  • Resend communications from Work Orders and Maintenance Jobs


  • Tenancy Invoices
    • The following fields on unpaid tenancy invoices can now be edited: Description, Due date, Account, Amount (all 3 fields)
    • Replaced invoices are recorded on the Tenants Ledger as "Replacement Inv"
    • The original invoice is still available to be viewed and can be found via Find Tenancy Invoice
    • An Automated Communication will be sent to the Tenancy 
  • Tenancy ID character limit has increase from 10 to 20 characters, allocating enough space for payment provider ID's.


A total GST field has been added to Tax invoices, on the: Sales Statement and Marketing & Sundries Statement.

Change of Ownership - Unknown Receipting

As a safeguard unknown receipts can no longer be assigned to a Tenancy attached to a Property that is in the middle of an active Change of Ownership.The following message will be displayed: An unknown funds receipt cannot be assigned to tenancy that is linked to a COO. Cancel the unknown receipt and manually create a tenancy receipt.


Delphi bank users can now create generate ABA files for upload to their banking platform.

Performance Improvements

As part of our ongoing commitment to our user base, this release we have upgraded PropertyTree' s back end, ensuring that our performance and stability continues to grow with our users. We’ve made a number of performance improvements to ensure users enjoy a consistent and reliable experience in PropertyTree.

December  2016  

Pay Multiple Creditors

The Pay Creditor wizard now includes an option to Pay selected creditors, this option allows you to choose one or multiple creditor's for payment.


  • Tenancy Invoices - Identify ownerships that are registered for GST. The owner's name is now  displayed above the ABN on the completed invoice.
  • Creditor Invoices - Relevant information has been added to Creditor Invoices.
    • Property Management - The Ownership Account Summary pane is now visible 
      • If adding a Tenancy Invoice - Active Tenancies display: Lease start & Lease end date 
      • Vacating & Vacated tenancies display: Lease start & Charge to date
    • Sales - Account balances are displayed for: Sale to Buyer & Marketing and Sundries


  • Inspections - The Communications panel is now visible throughout the lifecycle of an inspection.
  • Cancelled Receipts - Enhancements to Tenant, Buyer and Vendor, cancelled receipts: Email Cancelled Receipt, Reprint Cancelled Receipt, New Automated Communications templates &  Merge field added - <cancellation reason>


The Property Profile keys pane has been relocated at the top of the profile page just under the Property Details pane.
Pay Ownerships
We have added a progress notification to ownership batch payment screen.

Receipt List Report

We have updated the Receipts List Report, it now includes columns for: Date Entered, Date Received & Property Address


Formatting has been updated in Maintenance Jobs, description.


The dashboard Help drop-down window has been removed and options have been moved to the drop-down under your user name.

September 2016

Help Centre Enhancement

  • We have added a new Training Tab to the Help Centre
  • Quickly view and register for upcoming webinars
  • See all Training options on one page


 When creating a receipt you now have the option to select who the funds were Received From.
  • Select Contact - select the payer from the contact list 
  • Enter Contact - add a payer in the free text box 
  • The receipt will be addressed to the entity, with the Receipt Details showing who the funds were Received From

Tenancy Ledger

New details added to the Tenancy Ledger.
  • Payer/Payee column added
  • Identifies the individual, the funds were received from, paid to or held for

Owner Statements

  • Keep owners up to date with more information on their Statements.
  • Outstanding Fees - If outstanding fees exist a new section on owner statements will display, detailing: Fee Name, Charged Date, Fee Amount & Outstanding Balance 
  • Details of part payments made to Agency Fees will also, be shown on owner statement, the Ownership Contribution & Expenses section will display, detailing: Part Payment of & Charged date
  • When the final payment is made the details will display: Outstanding, Amount, Total Paid to date & Total Paid Amount

Performance Improvements 

This release we have been working on PropertyTree' s back end, ensuring that our performance and stability continues to grow with our users. We’ve made a number of performance improvements to ensure users enjoy a consistent and reliable experience in PropertyTree, including: 
  • Provisioning high-capacity disk arrays to our Database servers  
  • Enabling a number of Database performance tweaks  
These are both significant measures to ensure reliable performance, especially during busy times such as end of month.


To better equip the technical team in the unlikely event of outages, or performance degradation, we have enabled more intelligent monitoring & alerting across PropertyTree. This will alert us to these types of issues before they happen, and allow us to respond in timely manner.

August 2016


  • Edit Invoice functionality has been added to the Creditor Invoice, actions drop-down. 
  • Outstanding Invoice breakdown on Ownership Statements. If an ownership has outstanding invoices when their statement is created a breakdown of those invoices is shown on the last page of the statement
  • Tenancy Invoices will now be addressed to the entity name rather than the primary contact


  • Mobile number format: 
    • Enter contact and company mobile phone numbers in either local (0) or international (+61/+64) format. 
    • The chosen format will be shown and used in search and outputs such as emails and generated documents
  • Address Lookup has been added to: Ownership contacts, Tenancy contacts, Creditor contacts and companies, Vendor contact, Buyer contact & Conveyancer contacts and companies

Profiles & Reports

  • View Archived profiles
    • Unarchiving of profiles is no longer required to: View profile details, Add notes and tags
  • Tenancy Lease Report

    • New columns added: Paid To, Effective Paid To, Charge To, Rent To Vacate, Effective Arrears & Part Payment


  • Automated Communications templates font sizes have been aligned to: Arial 11 - body text & Arial 14.6 - headings
  • Date placement in Letter templates has been moved above the address line
  • Outgoing communications status: Success message wording has changed, directing users to Communications History.
  • Bulk Portal Invitations
    • Choose which contacts types to send owner & tenant portal invitations to
    • Portal search filters remembered


  • Company branding requirements:Logo and Banner size and format information added to relevant configuration screens.
  • Enhanced User Management
    • A User Access drop-down has been added to the User Management page
    • The default is to view Active users only, with options to view Revoked only or All users.

July 2016


  • Priority Flags: Allocation of ownership funds to a creditor invoice has been replaced with Priority Flags which determine the order in which invoices will be paid.
    • Creditor Invoices can be flagged as a priority during creation and also from their Creditor page
  • Disburse Sales Funds: Pay invoices directly from Sales > Disburse Funds
  • Pay Creditor Wizard 
    • Choose to pay a group of creditors, one creditor or one invoice
    • Choose to pay by module if paying out from a mixed trust
    • Choose to withhold agency fees
    • Specify invoice due date range
    • Creditors payment details can be entered during the wizard. If details are unknown their invoices will still be factored into funds allocation so that the funds will not be allocated elsewhere.
    • Automatic fund allocation works down the invoice priority list stopping when there are insufficient funds to pay any more invoices

Inspection Enhancements

  • Improved automatic scheduling 
  • Tenancy focused inspections 
  • New Inspections Page 
  • Status Bar (same as Owner & Tenant Portal Status Bar)
  • Inspection Report  
  • Send an inspection report to Ownership, Agency & Tenancy
  • Inspections Summary 
  • Status has moved from the grid into the the Find Inspection pane
  • Existing Inspection Report is now called Inspection Report:Owner
  • Inspections to be actioned prior to: Selling a Rent Roll, Archiving a Tenancy and Processing a Change of Ownership - Inspection can be linked to new or old ownership

June 2016

Help Centre

  • Floating menu available on every page 
  • Access Knowledge Base, Support, Suggested Improvements, Release Notes, Video Library and Announcements from the side panel while working in PropertyTree

Suggested Improvements

  • Commercial Properties - Area meter squared increased by two decimal points for 
  • Tribunal Report - Date stamped with date report generated
  • Ad-Hoc SMS communications - Time stamped with local time

Owner & Tenant Portal Spam rating improvements

  • From name change from "blank" to "Company Name
  • From email changed from "Company email" to propertytree@propertytree.com

May 2016

Ad Hoc Messaging

  • Send messages to any Contact who has a validated email/mobile
  • Message via SMS/email or Portal
  • Sent messages will be saved in Communications History

Automated Communications & Mail Merge

  • The From and Reply-to Email Address is now configurable.
  • Point of Contact merge field available in more automated communications templates.
  • Bulk SMS, Automated Communications SMS and SMS Communications History screens, now have counters that provide an estimate of how many SMS segments are required to send a message.
  • Quote Request and Work Order emails can now have key number, description and all Owner/Tenant contact for the property included.

Owner & Tenant Portal Enhancements

  • Owners and Tenants who have been invited to the Portals and have not accepted their invitation will be sent a reminder 7 days after the invitation was sent.
  • Owners and Tenants can now sign up for Portals using an email address.
  • The Portal message search displays the number of results allowing users to refine their search filters if the maximum (200) is reached.
  • If a user cannot participate in a Portal conversation due to their security role or because they are not in the conversation they will be informed via a message.

Search Filters

Search Filters are now remembered in your browser's history and will be retained between sessions until browser cache is cleared.

Enter Creditor Payment Details

Creditor payment details can be entered ‘on the fly’ while entering creditor invoices.

Smoke Alarm Information Transfer

Smoke alarm type, last service date and next service date are transferred in Sell Rent Roll and Change of Ownership.

In-App Billing History

Companies paying monthly subscriptions via In-App billing will be able to access previous invoices via optional features.

April 2016

Owner & Tenant Portal Messages

  • Personalised notifications of new messages and unread flags
  • Filter to find unread messages, messages related to particular portfolios
  • Exclude system generated messages

Withhold Ownership Funds

Optionally withhold ownership funds to pay outstanding invoices    

Archive a Property with Key - Warning

  • A warning message displays when archiving a property that has a Key attached
  • Search filters remembered in Browser History

Rent Review

  • The Last Rent Review Date can be tracked
  • Last Rent Review Date is visible on Tenancy Leases and can be exported to be used for KPI calculations 
  • Next Rent Review Date is visible on the Inspections Summary to alert users that a Rent Review is due

Starting Positions

  • Add existing ledger balances and part payments of invoices and rent  
  • To be used when migrating form alternate software 

Edit User Name

Users are now able to edit their User Name.

Move Accounts between Groups

Move an account within the Chart of Accounts between account groups.

March 2016

Owner & Tenant Portals

  • Owners and Tenants now can: Create a maintenance request and View maintenance request and job details
  • Owners can also: Track the status of jobs/requests, View - jobs, quotes and invoices, Approve requests from their Property Manager, Accept a Quote and View rental history

Smoke Alarms

  • Add smoke alarm details
  • Add Service Provider information
  • Export bulk report for service providers


  • Document storage added to Ownership and Creditor Profiles 
  • Scheduled Inspection times have been added to Property Profiles 

Tenancy Ledger

A Balance column has been added and column headings have been changed to Credit and Debit

Automated Communications

Tenancy Name field is now available in Tenancy Invoice and Tenancy Receipt Template
Tenancy Invoice Header
Fax: is no longer visible if no fax number exists in the Company and Trust Details

Create Invoice and Complete Job

  • A tick box added to Enter Create Invoice and  Maintenance Requests
  • Set job to complete, enabling invoice creation and completion of a maintenance a job in one action.

February 2016

Email Merge

This release introduces Bulk Email Merge and Email Merge to one contact. Enhancing the current PropertyTree Mail Merge function.
  • Email has been added as a method of delivery, to the existing Mail Merge functionality. 
  • A new Mail Merge icon has been added to all profiles, allowing instant email contact.
  • Email Status has been added to Bulk Mail Merge.


  • Communications Preferences has been renamed to Communications.
  • Track owner and tenant invitations and acceptances via new tab.

Export Tables

  • Tailor your own reports to your agencies needs. This release sees enhancements to tables, allowing you to:
    • Export information to Excel (.CSV) or Adobe (.PDF).
    • Display or hide individual columns.
    • Increase or decrease the number of items displayed per page.
    • Scroll between pages with large volumes of information.

Email and Phone, search & formatting

  • Use the Global Search to find email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Phone numbers will be displayed with standard spacing.

Communications History

The communications history has been updated to include mail merge in the communication types.

January 2016


The new Portfolios feature modifies the Groups & Tags Portfolios feature, allowing you to create business roles and assign them to staff members so they can manage different elements of a property.Create business roles such as Property Manager, Leasing Agent, Principal, and so on.
  • Associate relevant business roles to sales and management properties.
  • Assign staff members to one or more business roles.
  • Assign relevant staff members to properties to create their portfolios.

Bulk portfolio assignment

Assign/reassign any existing portfolio in bulkAssignments are based on any existing portfolios and tags you may have set up

Gained Management Reasons

Add gained and lost reasons to Property Profiles
  • Customise gained lost reasons via drop down list
  • Export to .csv for analysis


REI Forms Live/Realworks  

  • Integration of new or existing REI Forms Live/Realworks accounts
  • Populate profile information from PropertyTree into agreements and forms 
  • REI Forms Live/Realworks custom templates and private forms are preserved in PropertyTree
  • Forms are automatically linked with company profiles for future reference. 
Bulk mail merge
  • Merge multiple recipient’s data with predefined Word document templates
Suggest Improvements to PropertyTree
  • Post, ideas on how we can improve PropertyTree
  • Voting on ideas you like
  • Add a comment on other's ideas 
  • Join the PropertyTree community 
Enhanced address verification
  • Entering unverified addresses, by prompting you to confirm saving of an unverified addresses
  • Handling inconsistencies in the third party verification resource. For example, an unverified address suggested by the verification resource or an incorrect replication of the suggested address to other address fields
Email enhancements
  • To match the new look PropertyTree, we're excited to bring you new look emails from PropertyTree to agencies
  • Enhancements include new branding with clearer purpose, call-to-actions, and benefits, replacing the plain text email
Portal enhancements
  • The social media account used to log in to the Portal is viewable in PropertyTree
  • Improved emails, where the message and any attachments now display in the email content
  • Portal customers no longer have to log in to read their messages


A New Interface

The new interface responds to different size screens so it is usable on mobiles, tablets, and iPads. 

  • Interactive main menu
    • Reduce the main menu when you don't need it and enlarge it again when you do—or leave it whichever way you prefer.
  • Notes & alerts in their own side panel
    • Notes and alerts have their own side panel, accessible from anywhere in PropertyTree.
    • The alert icon at the top of the screen indicates how many alerts you have.
  • View and compose messages
    • Click the message icon at the top of any screen to view and compose messages.
    • The message icon at the top of the screen indicates how many messages you have.
  • Global search
    • The search field is moved to a more prominent position and is available wherever you are in PropertyTree. 

Enhanced Dashboard

The enhanced dashboard gives you a snapshot of all your action items in one place so you can quickly understand your company's progress for monthly and daily objectives.

  • Tooltips in graphs
    • Hover your mouse over graphs and performance indicators in the dashboard to see further explanation. 
  • Property statistics
    • Current property management information
    • A tenancy snapshot
    • Maintenance jobs that you may need to action
    • The Monthly Progress of your properties gained, lost, and net during the last calendar month (up to today). 
    • A Tenancy Snapshot containing your tenants in arrears, properties vacant, and tenants vacating. 
    • Your managed properties Maintenance Jobs broken down by status. 

Property managements by month

A six-month overview of trends in the number of residential and commercial properties you manage. This graph displays:

  • For each month (excluding this month), split between residential and commercial properties, the graph shows the count of gained, lost, and the net gained and lost properties.
  • Hover your mouse over the graph to see a count of property management gains, losses, and the net gains and losses.
  • Click a graph bar to go to the Gained and Lost Managements page to see further details. 

Common tasks

This panel displays the tasks most critical to your role:

  • If you use property management only, you see: find property management profile, create property management receipt, enter creditor invoice, find creditor invoice, and bank reconciliation.
  • If you use property management and sales, you see: find property management profile, create property management receipt, enter creditor invoice, bank reconciliation, find sales profile, add vendor, create sales receipt, and pay agency.
  • If you have one or more trust accounts with a sales module enabled, you see: find sales profile, add vendor, create sale receipt, pay agency, and bank reconciliation. 

Sale properties

When you have one or more trust accounts having a sales module enabled, you see:

  • Sales settling this week, if there is at least one trust account with sales enabled. If there are multiple trust accounts, one panel displays with the totals across all trusts.
  • Sales agreements ending this week or sales agreements that ended in the past and have no non-rescinded buyers.
  • Sale properties with maintenance jobs broken down by status. Click a status to see more details. 

Trust accounts

In this panel, for each trust account, you see:

  • Funds ready for banking.
  • Unknown funds, click an amount greater than zero to see more detail. 

Tips for using PropertyTree

The Did you know... panel displays information, tips and tricks about using PropertyTree. 

Mail Merge Templates

A mail merge feature enabling you to merge your contact data to create common communications quickly and consistently. This release comes with:

  • Predefined Word templates
  • Three sets of CSV merge fields
  • Download and customise templates to suit your company 

Inspection Summary

  • Additional columns are added.
  • You can hide and show columns.
  • You can export the data to a CSV or PDF file. 

Change to Closing Windows

There is a small change to the way you navigate in PropertyTree. To navigate to a previous page, use the breadcrumbs or your browser back arrow.


Key management

  • Assign, edit and release a Key Number for each sale and managed property (sale properties have an S prefix).
  • Key numbers are pre-populated with the next unassigned key number so properties cannot have a duplicated key number.
  • You can Add Key Note messages and Alert me on reminders for each key.
  • The Key Register can be used to manage and find key numbers.
  • Find your key easily by entering the exact key number in the global search bar.

Gained and Lost managements

  • A Management Gained Date field and a Lost check box with a Reason dropdown menu have been added to property profiles.
  • The Reason for lost management and authority End Date must be completed to archive a property.
  • All previously archived properties will have the lost Reason field defaulted to Unknown.
  • View a breakdown of gained and lost managements on the Gained & Lost Managements page.
  • Gained and lost management lists can be exported to Excel (.csv) or Adobe (.pdf).
  • All gained and lost managements are included in the Information Audit report.

ABN and tax information

  • ABN information can be recorded for creditors and commercial tenancies.
  • GST information can be recorded for creditors and commercial tenancies for NZ users.

Table enhancements
These tables have been enhanced in PropertyTree:

  • Find Fee
  • Inspections Summary
  • Find Profile (Property management)
  • Find Note
  • Sale Property Profile – Transaction History
  • Owner Profile - Transaction History
  • Key Register
  • Lost and Gained
Enhancements include:
  • Table columns can be individually displayed or hidden.
  • Tables can be exported to Excel (.csv) or Adobe (.pdf).
  • The number of items displayed per page can be increased or decreased.
  • You can easily toggle between pages with large volumes of data.

User management

  • Administrators can assign and edit access permissions for all new and existing users including administrator access.
  • All changes are recorded in the Information Audit report.

Payment details on tenancy invoices

  • Property managers can add trust information to the bottom of tenancy invoices to advise tenants of how to pay an invoice to the agent.
  • The payment details included are Account Name, BSB, Account Number and Tenancy Reference (for funds transfer description).
Links to attachments for Owner and Tenant View users
  • Messages from PropertyTree to Owner and Tenant Portal users will automatically include links to all attachments
  • Users can quickly view attachments without having to login to the portal


Selling a rent roll

  • Selling a rent roll will automatically archive owners, properties and tenants in bulk
  • Users can select some or all of managed properties to sell
  • Users can filter properties by trust, residential, commercial, property groups or select individually
  • Owners and tenants cannot have any available funds if they are part of the rent roll being sold
  • User has the option to pay owners and tenants during the sell rent roll process without exiting the wizard
  • If the buying agency is a PropertyTree user, the selling agency can share the rent roll data with them
  • All ownership, property and tenancy details can be shared including payment details and paid to dates

Importing rent roll data

  • PropertyTree agencies who buy a rent roll off another PropertyTree agency can import their rent roll data
  • The buying agency is emailed instructions and a link to import the rent roll they have purchased
  • The buying agency can:
    • View a list of all the rent roll information they will be importing
    • Select the trust they are importing the data into
    • Select the rent and budgeted outgoings rent and outgoings should be paid into
    • Select the authority dates for the property
  • All ownership, property and tenancy details are imported, including payment details and paid to dates
  • Credits will be created for tenants with part payments

Viewing historic rent roll sales

  • Users can view a summary of rent rolls they have sold in the past
  • Users can export a rent roll valuation of rent rolls they have sold
  • Users can re-share data to the buying agency as well as revoke access

Information audit report

  • Every time a rent roll valuation is created it is recorded in the report
  • Every time rent roll data is shared with another business it is recorded in the report

Tenancy tribunal report

  • All in-app messages (Between PropertyTree and Owner and Tenant view) are now recorded in the tenancy tribunal report
  • Messages are split into 2 sections - Agent / tenant and Agent/ Owner
  • Conversation details that are recorded include: subject, sender, date, time, message and title of attachments


Change Of Ownership 

  • Perform a change of ownership managed by either a third party or by the agency
  • A copy of the property with new management agreement details is created under the new owner 
  • If rent settlement is managed by the agent funds are automatically receipted to the correct owner based on the change date
  • Funds can be automatically transferred or owed between the old and new owner
  • When creating an invoice  while a change of ownership is occurring, you will need to select which owner it belongs to 

Global search enhancements

  • Users should be able to search using unit numbers, street numbers and postcode
  • Entering words such as “street” “road” now refines search results
  • Improved ordering of the search results list
  • Archived profiles are excluded from the global search results, they can be found by going to the find profiles page instead


  • Auto rec users can choose to reconcile to any day in a period
  • Xero integration has been improved for better GST reporting


Maintenance workflow

  • Each job status is separated into individual panes.
  • Quotes and Work Orders can be marked as manually sent, which also changes the status of the job.
  • Send quote requests to all Creditors at the same time rather than individually.
  • Jobs that have gone passed the 'open' status can be marked as completed.
  • If a Work Order has been sent to a creditor, quote requests and work orders cannot be sent to the other creditors added to the same job.
  • Multiple jobs in a request are now separated via tabs.
  • Invoices can be linked with completed maintenance jobs.

Automatic notices for tenancy invoices

  • Automatically send overdue tenancy invoice notifications for commercial and residential properties
  • This feature can be used to manage commercial arrears
  • Notices can be sent based on the number of days the tenancy invoice is overdue and Via email, SMS or letters (similar to tenancy arrears notifications)
  • Create customised templates for the notices that are sent out

Rent Roll Health Check/Valuation

  • Export a list of your owners, properties and tenancies as well as related information (property attributes and the fees that have been set up for the property)
  • Option to filter by residential/commercial or individual properties
  • Option to export all fee details or only include fees with the events Rent Receipted, New Tenancy and Creditor

Letters and Letter Branding

  • New delivery method "Letter" will email the agency the notice in a file (pdf) so that they can be printed
  • Letters can be used for rent arrears, tenancy invoice arrears and inspection notices 
  • Letters can be branded by adding a header and footer via the company branding section

Notify tenancies to use their reference numbers

  • Email tenancies to advise them of their reference number suggesting its use for their transaction description.
  • This feature can be found on the "activating auto rec" page
  • Filter tenant recipients by trust and if the email has already been sent to them
  • Preview the email that will be sent to the tenancy


  • Attach documents when creating or viewing a tenancy invoice
  • All user types can now add an unverified address when adding a property
  • Owners can now view an income and expense graph on their Owner View dashboard


Add attachments to email templates

  • Upload documents via the edit template page
  • Add a link to an uploaded document when editing an email template
  • Uploaded documents that are linked in an email template cannot be deleted

Filter ledgers by property type

  • Select the property type to include in the ledger report: All, residential, commercial or selected
  • Filter is only available for companies who have activated the commercial feature


  • You can now upload single files up to 30mb in size to PropertyTree

  • Add owners and tenants to Owner and Tenant View when composing a message if they are not users

  • Extra date filter option in the bank reconciliation page when using the auto reconciliation feature


Weekly Agency Overview

  • New design and graphs to present agency information
  • New property growth chart for the past 6 months
  • Links within the email that direct users straight to the relevant information within PropertyTree to view more detailed information
  • View and track the number of inspections per day
  • Additional sales information to track performance both monthly and year to date
  • New fees information to compare fees revenue comparison between current and previous month

Auto Reconciliation

  • The Auto Reconciliation feature is now available to agencies who are Bank of Queensland clients


  • Include an Income & Expenditure graph at the bottom of all ownership statements.
  • For all current users, this feature is switched off by default.
  • Creditor statements that are to be posted/printed after a Creditor Payment, are now in a single PDF so you can print them off easily.


  • Option to receipt a portion of an agency receipt to GST. If the selected account you are receipting to attracts GST the option is selected by default.
  • The full name of the PropertyTree user that created the receipt is now displayed on all receipts as required by QLD Legislation.


Xero Integration

  • PropertyTree now integrates with Xero
  • Match your income accounts from PropertyTree with your Xero chart of accounts
  • When you do an Agency Payment, a sales receivable invoice is created in Xero with a line item for each account funds were paid from
  • When the invoice is reconciled with the bank payment in Xero, funds are automatically allocated to their relevant accounts

Agency Payments

  • Manage your funds on a per account basis by deciding which income accounts you want to pay money out of.

Property Details

  • Enter relevant details including the property type, bedrooms, bathrooms and car spaces for Management and Sale Properties
  • Property Details are visible on the Property Vacancies Quick Link and Maps & Journey Planner page

Agency receipt

  • You must select the income account that funds will be receipted to when creating an agency receipt


Ownership Statement

  • Design and layout changes to the Ownership statement
  • Withheld funds now display the amount that is not paid out to the owner during the ownership payment
  • Ability to select a large font for owner contacts should they have difficulty reading their statement

Cancelling fees

  • All fees can be cancelled regardless of the agency's balance
  • Fees can be cancelled manually from the find a fee screen or automatically in the case event driven fees (event is cancelled)
  • If the agency has insufficient funds, the fee is cancelled and the funds are owed to the ownership
  • Fees owed to the ownership are recorded on the ownership profile and are paid during ownership payment
  • Fees owed by the agency are withheld during agency payment

Delete Company History

  • Delete all company activity such as transactions, invoices, communications and reports
  • Data such as profile, configuration and audit information will remain
  • Only the administrator can perform this task

Company Branding

  • Upload and edit your company logo and banner on the same page
  • Edit the size of the logo and/or banner
  • Edit the colours used on the ownership statement
  • Preview the ownership statement with proposed company logo and colour scheme


  • Character count now displays on the inspection details dialogue
  • You can now enter 3 characters in the minutes field for the duration of a an inspection
  • Character count now displays for maintenance below the job details field and maintenance request dialogue


MailChimp Integration

  • PropertyTree now integrates with MailChimp
  • Automatically sync PropertyTree contacts into MailChimp daily
  • Manually sync contacts into MailChimp for instant update contacts
  • Select which MailChimp list you want contacts to be synced with
  • PropertyTree creates segments in MailChimp by profile type (e.g. Owner, Tenancy etc..)


  • Send an SMS for each inspection notification (Scheduled, Proposed, Confirmed)
    • Create and edit SMS templates
    • Set the trigger for when the SMS messages should be sent
  • When creating a bulk SMS the TEXT NO REPLY displays by default so that recipients know they cannot reply


  • All items that are currently being sent as attachments are now sent as links to improve delivery of emails 
  • Review your email templates to make sure the location of the link makes sense in your email

Property Profile

  • You will be prompted when you add a commercial property for an owner who is not registered for GST
  • When prompted you will have the ability to enter the ABN number and mark the owner as registered for GST

Tenancy Profile

  • Assign Tenancy reference numbers to a tenancy to identify tenancy payments. Make sure the tenancy uses this number when they make a payment.