Movinghub allows you to assist tenants in connecting their moving home services. An integrated service, Movinghub is free and every time you refer a tenant to Movinghub you receive a commission, which adds to your agencies revenue. For details on the commission payable to your agency refer to the Terms and Conditions within the Movinghub Setup

You will need to ensure your Tenancy Application Forms cover any Privacy Act concerns with regards to passing on your tenant details to Movinghub

In this article we will cover:

Activating Movinghub

To activate Movinghub go to Configuration>Integrations>Utilities Integration

Ensure you follow the three steps listed list in Setup Movinghub

NOTE: The Agency Payment Method must be set to EFT

It is very important that you read all Terms and Conditions associate with using the Movinghub feature. Links to the Terms and Conditions can be found at the bottom of the Movinghub screen, once you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions, tick Accept Terms & Conditions and click Activate

Auto Referrals to Movinghub

You have the option of setting Property Tree to send Auto Referrals to Movinghub. When setting up a tenant contact within the tenancy profile, you will have the option to opt out of the auto referral, if the tenant has not agreed to the referral

To enable the auto referral the tenant must have a valid contact number, valid email address and a tenancy start date in the future

To activate the Auto Referral you will need to tick in Preferences, Automatically create referral when a tenancy contact is created

This can be found in Configuration>Utilities Integration

The below pop up will appear. Once again, it is very important to have the tenant’s consent. Please be sure to click on the link to read all information prior to ticking, I Understand, then click, Ok

Tenant wishing to opt out of having their details sent to Movinghub

If a tenant does not want their information sent to Movinghub, you can choose to opt out of the auto referral during the setup of the tenancy profile.

In the Contact Information screen, within the tenancy profile, tick Do not contact tenant for marketing/promotional offers this will stop any referral through to Movinghub

Manual Referrals to Movinghub

If you would prefer not to have the referral process automated, you can still elect to send a referral on an ad-hoc basis. You will still need to have the tenant’s permission to pass on their details to Movinghub

Add the tenancy profile as you normally would. Once the Contact, Lease Information and Rent Information has been added, scroll to the bottom of the screen to Movinghub and click on the + icon

NOTE: You will not be able to refer a tenant in Prospective status to Movinghub

Choose the services required, tick the Consent box and click Ok

Once you have completed the tenancy profile setup and clicked Save, you will be able to see details of the referral in the Movinghub section

Tracking Referrals to Movinghub

You can track your referrals to Movinghub through Movinghub Wallet. Go to Trust & Reports>Management Reports>Movinghub Wallet. To view this wallet you must have Administrator access.