Summary: Property Tree's Inspections API, allows information to pass securely between Property Tree and 3rd party Inspection Applications, making the end to end process of scheduling, completing, reporting and communicating inspections quick and efficient. Your inspections app will be there for you to help you with their product. 

Note: Only users with Administrator Access can view this section under Configuration > Inspections Applications to activate the Application API Key

Note: If you have several trusts set up within Property Tree and are going to use multiple trusts to integrate to an Inspection Application, we recommend you speak to the Inspection Application provider you have chosen to see if they support the one API subscription with multiple trusts.

What's an API?

An API (Application Program Interface) is a list of formatted commands that one program can send to another. This is used so that individual programs can communicate with one another directly and use each other's functions.

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Which Inspections App providers are on-board?

Your inspections app provider will provide support for you when required.

If you would like to use Property Tree's Inspections API and your preferred provider is not listed, have them contact us.

How does it work?PropertyTree APIs

Activating the Inspections API

  • Navigate to Configuration > Integrations > Inspections Applications
  • Choose the Inspection Application you would like to use
    Generate Your API Key
    Find your inspections app and click on the corresponding 'Generate API Key' button.
    Send API Key
    Copy the unique API Key generated and contact your inspections company
    Activate Integration
    The inspections company will verify your API Key, activate the integration and let you know when it’s ready

What data does Property Tree Send?

  • A list of inspection summaries from Property Tree based on a date range (From Managements > Inspections Summary) which includes the date, time and description of each inspection. 
  • The contact details of the related Owner & Tenant of the property

What data does Property Tree Receive?

  • An updated inspection date/time. You can change those details using your Inspection Application and update Property Tree (As long as the inspection is not Conducted, Closed or Cancelled)
  • The Inspection Report generated can be sent directly to Property Tree. When you have done this, the inspection status in Property Tree will change to Conducted (Can't be sent when the status is closed or cancelled)


Do I need to pay to use this feature?

Property Tree Integration is FREE! Contact your chosen inspections app provider to find out their charges.

Why am I having difficulty saving my inspection reports into Property Tree?

Ensure that the document that you are saving is less than 30MB and that it of a standard document type available in Property Tree.

Does our inspections app offer a two way integration?

Yes. You can pull inspection information from Property Tree into your Inspection Application. Once the inspection is complete, a report can be generated within your Inspection Application and synchronised back into Property Tree

How do I deactivate my Inspections Application?

All you need to is click on Generate Key again on the same inspection Application to cut out the integration. If you are looking at changing Application providers, simply hit generate key with another provider and email through the key.

My Routine Inspection Reports are showing the incorrect Lease Dates, why?

In some cases, the tenant ID gets duplicated in the API when changes are made to a Tenancy in Property Tree.  Check your 3rd Party Inspection App Admin section to see if there is a duplicate tenant and proceed to archive the tenant id which holds the older information. Contact your Inspection App Provider for more information.