Summary: A tribunal report can be produced at any time giving you a complete history of a tenancy. The report collates key information one place, minimising preparation time for tribunal attendance. 

Generating the Tribunal Report

The Tribunal Report is accessed via the Actions menu on the Tenancy page. 

Go to; Tenancy > Actions > Print Tribunal Report, see the table below for a list of contents.

Contact Details

In the contact details section, the below information will appear:

  • Property Address
  • Authority Start & End dates
  • Ownership Contact Details
  • Tenancy Contact Details

NOTE: If multiple contacts exist all contact details will be listed

Lease & Rent Information

All tenancies will see the following lease information:

  • Original lease start date
  • Current lease start & end dates
  • Lease duration

RESIDENTIAL Tenancies will see:

  • Paid to / Effective paid to dates
  • Arrears / Effective Arrears
  • Part payment details

COMMERCIAL Tenancies will see:

  • Current and Overdue Rent
  • Current and Overdue Outgoings, 
  • Paid to dates

NOTE - Queensland users will only see effective paid to and effective arrears

Rent History

RESIDENTIAL Tenancies will see:

  • Rent increases
  • From & To dates of increases
  • Amounts
  • Daily Rate
  • Increased % amount

COMMERCIAL Tenancies will see:

  • Rent increases
  • Outgoings increases
  • From & To dates of increases
  • Amounts
  • Daily Rate
  • Increased % amount

Outstanding Items

RESIDENTIAL Tenancies will see:

  • Funds held for tenancy
  • Outstanding Invoices
  • Outstanding Fees

COMMERCIAL Tenancies will see:

  • Funds held for tenancy
  • Outstanding rent
  • Outstanding outgoing
  • Other Invoices & Fees

Scheduled Credit

If a Tenant has Rent Credits or Invoices/Fee Credit they will appear here

Bond & Deposit

Details of all Bond Transactions will appear here, the information included:

  • The Type of Bond i.e. Residential or Commercial
  • Ref ID 
  • Required amount owed by the Tenant
  • Lodged amount - if the tenant submitted & paid their bond online 
  • Receipted Amount - The amount that was received and receipted into the Trust Account
  • Held - If the bond was being held in office, the amount will appear here
  • Direct
  • Claimed - If there is an amount that has been claimed and received from the bond board

Vacate Information

If a Tenant is vacating or has vacated the property, you will be able to see the following information:

  • Notice - The date that the tenant gave notice to the property manager
  • Moving out - Date that the tenant moved out of the property
  • Charge to - Date that the tenant paid rent up until
  • Rent to vacate - if there is an amount owing from the tenant at the date you generate the report it will appear
  • Invoices/Fees - Any outstanding Invoices/Fees that the tenant hasn't paid
  • Held for Tenancy - An receipted amount that has been allocated to the tenancy profile so it doesn't get paid out to the owner
  • Total to Vacate - Accumulated amount of the rent to vacate, outstanding invoices & fees and held for tenancy. 
  • Description - The reason that the Tenant is moving out

Communication History

A list of communications sent to this tenancy details:

  • Name of Receiver
  • Type of Communication i.e. Inspection Notices
  • Method - Email, SMS or Post
  • Status - Sending, Sent, Delivered, Failed 
  • Sent - Date and Time stamped of when the communication was sent out

Inspection History

The details of past and future inspection dates and times. It also the status of the inspection and any notes that are listed on the reports sent through to the Tenant.

Rent Summary From Start of Tenancy

The Rent Summary report will clearly summarise a residential or commercial tenancy's position for each rental period and includes a rolling arrears total as at each period that is paid until the tenancy vacate date is reached.

On the Rent Summary Report, you will see the below information:

  • Due Date - Date of rent due date
  • Period From - Start date of the period
  • Period To - End date of the period
  • Amount Due - Rental amount due on this particular date
  • Amount Paid - Amount paid and receipted into Property Tree
  • Date Paid - Date the rent was receipted and paid into the Trust Account
  • Arrears - Arrears amount, which rolls over to the following period with an accumulated amount at the bottom of the report


In the Tribunal Report you can view all Notes: 

  • Tenancy Notes
  • Property Notes
  • Owner Notes
  • Maintenance Notes
  • Inspection Notes

Portal Communication

If your Tenant is receiving and sending communications via the Owner & Tenant portals, the communication will be listed here.

Tenancy Ledger

A full Tenancy Ledge will appear here. If you wish to learn further information on how to read and understand the tenants ledger click here.