Frequently asked Questions about Inspections 

How do we (the Agent) know when an automatic inspection date is due?

The Inspection Summary Report will show you all the information about upcoming inspections, to find it go to Trust and Reports > Property > Inspection Summary

When an inspection is booked via Property Tree, does an inspection notice get emailed to the tenant or do we still need to send the tenant a letter?

If you have enabled automated communications you can set up email or SMS notifications customised to your requirements. See Automating Routine Inspections for details. If you don't have automated communications enabled your administrator can activate it from Configuration > Management Tasks > Automated Communications

Can we get a printout of all the inspections? 

Yes you can! Go to Trust & Reports> Property> Inspections Summary complete the search field and click on Search. You can export the report by clicking on the hidden columns icon ...

What is in the owner report and how do I set it up?

Property Tree can be configured to automatically email an inspection report to an owner or tenant when completing an inspection. The inspection report and links to any attachments you added are merged into a customisable template. See Send Report Email in the Performing Routine Inspections solution for details.

Can you add the full routine inspection report to the owner? ie: room by room report? 

Add all your details to a document of your choice and document drop it into the Documents pane of the Inspection. The document will be filed against the Inspection and can be attachments to the ownership report.

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