Bendigo Bank Bulk Payments

Bendigo Bank customers will now be able to process BPAY payments in bulk and upload to their banking software.

Tenancy Tabbed Profile view - New tab 

A new tab has been added to the Tabbed Profile view, on the Tenancy Profile called Lease & Rent. 

Grouping the following functions:
Lease & Rent Information, Rent Schedule, Vacate Information and Bond & Deposits.

The Financials tab now includes all information relating to financials:
Outstanding Invoices, Recent Transactions, Fees, Held for Tenancy and Direct Debit.

Tenancy Income & Expenditure report enhancements

This enhancement completes the improvements to the Income and Expenditure report and includes:
  • Default Date Range - For the month of July, the Date From and To will default to 2019/2020 financial year. Post 01/08/2020 for Australia and 1/5/2020 for New Zealand the date will default to the current financial year of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Monthly Breakdown option - A new monthly breakdown option is available and provides Income, expenses and Owner Payments in a 12 month format. Reports can be created in Consolidated, Property Breakdown or Consolidated with Property Breakdown format.

Partner Gateway

This month we are introducing our Partner Gateway. 

Users with Administrator access can activate partner integrations via the new Partner Gateway page which can be accessed via Configuration > Integrations > Partner Gateway.

In the first phase, new partner Detector Inspector will be available to be activated via Partner Gateway with other partners joining soon.

Detector Inspector- Smoke Alarms

Detector Inspector is a custom-built compliance management system that provides maintenance suppliers for smoke alarms, gas appliances, essential services and more. 

Detector Inspector is an easily accessible application which is also available via a mobile app.
See the knowledgebase for more information.

Business Role filter for Statistics report

The introduction of the Business Role filter to the Statistics Report provides greater flexibility to further filter the statistics report.

Payment Batch screen

New filters and pagination have been added to the EFT Payment and the BPAY Payment Batch pages making it easier to find: Profile Name, Account Name, Account Number, Biller Code, BPAY Ref and Amount.

Pagination has also been added to the EFT Batch Payments and BPAY Batch pages for, Owners, Creditors and Bond Payments.

Owner and Creditor Statements will be collapsed by default (expand the panel to view the statement information).

Ledger reporting screen updates

The Ownership and Tenancy Ledger reporting pages have been improved  with a new filter, a date range update and a change to the selection type default.

  • An additional filter called ‘Complete History of One Ownership/Tenancy’ has been added and it does just that.
  • The Date Range has been capped at one year 
  • The default on the selection type is now Selected Tenancies

Issues Resolved

An issue was identified whereby the 1st contact created was syncing to Inspection Manager rather than the Primary Contact. This issue has now been resolved.
The size of a tenant download file that can be imported into Property Tree has been increased from 300kb to 1000kb
An issue was identified with text being unreadable on the Information Audit due to a long series of characters being entered with certain documented changes. This issue has now been resolved.


Direct Connect Integration

Direct Connect utilities connection service is now integrated with Property Tree. Add an additional revenue stream to your business!

Watch the tutorial or Read the Article 

Forms Live now in Victoria 

Forms Live integration has been updated to include forms and documents specific to the Victorian Real Estate industry. All Australian states and territories now have access to online agreements & contracts. 

Read the Article for details.

Profile Summary - Single page view  

We have been working on a single view of Owner, Property & Tenancy profiles. This feature is now being reviewed by members of our Early Adopter Program and will be available to all users in a future release. 
Learn about the Early Adopter Program

Issues Resolved

A display issue was identified with rent transactions on Ownership Statement after a Change of Ownership.
An issue was identified whereby the Document Notes box displayed white text which was not clearly visible with the existing background for Harcourts offices.
An issue was identified whereby a profile only displayed a maximum of 8 pinned notes. This issue has now been rectified to display all notes when expanded.


For an in depth look at the additions & changes included in this month's release, view the e-learning self-paced training here.

Credit Type added to Residential Tenancy Credit 

The Create Tenancy Credit screen now has an additional field, Credit Type.

A drop down box containing six choices:
Abatement, Abatement - COVID-19, CenterPay, Deferral, Deferral - COVID-19 and Other. These fields will allow you to flag the different types of Rent Credits created for your tenants. 

This enhancements is the first step in tracking specific credit types with Reporting capabilities coming in a future release.
For details read the knowledgebase article.

Income & Expenditure Report

You can now generate Income & Expenditure reports by Statement Date or transactions Received and Payment Date.
Statement Date – will report transactions that have been provided to your Owner on any statement produced within the selected date range.
Received and Payment Date – will report any transactions within the date range selected even if an owner statement was not generated.

Other new functionality allows you to create a consolidated Income & Expenditure Report for Owners with multiple properties. There are three available layout choices:
Property Breakdown – will generate an individual Income & Expenditure report for each property linked to the specified ownership/s.
Consolidated Only – will generate a report which is consolidated by Ownership, it contains income & expenses with combined totals for all properties linked to the specified Ownership/s.
Consolidated and Property Breakdown – generates a report that is a combination of the Property Breakdown and Consolidated. Beginning with a consolidated ownership report and followed by a breakdown of income and expenses of each property linked to the Ownership.
For details read the knowledgebase article.

Issues Resolved

An issue was identified whereby the Income & Expenditure reports were displaying incorrect details in place of the Account Name.
When you processed consecutive Property Receipts the Received On Date field was not pre-filling to the same date of the last receipt entered which was inconsistent with all other receipt types.  
An issue was identified whereby some vacating/vacated tenancies were not appearing on the Tenancy funds Report.
An issue was identified for new Customers whereby Property Compliance Categories could not be added.
An issue was identified where if a contact unsubscribed from receiving SMS communications, the message did not appear in Communications History.
The Property Address was not displaying in the Transaction Search results grid for certain transaction types.
An issue was identified whereby archived owners after a change of ownership were receiving lease expiry communications.
An issue was identified whereby bonds were not automatically being receipted during tenant download processing in certain circumstances.
A change has been made whereby Ownership Statements now show the Ownership Payment details with Owner Payee name rather then Owner Contact name.
A change has been made to the Income & Expenditure Report whereby it will now not display cancelled transactions if cancelled in the same statement period as the original transaction was created.


For an in depth look at the additions & changes included in this month's release, view the e-learning self-paced training here.

Property Compliance Register

The new Property Compliance Register will keep your portfolio compliant by allowing you to track and report on compliance requirements for each of your properties.
- Create unlimited compliance categories
- Add compliance items to property profiles
For details read the knowledgebase article.

Tenancy Held Funds Report

New filters have been added to the Tenancy Held Funds Report.
- You can now filter by Property Type, Portfolio, Tenancy Status and Tags
- The addition of an Invoices/Fee Arrears column gives you new visibility on outstanding items
- Additional columns - Tenancies Vacate Date, Last Held Receipt and Last Held Reason, will improve your productivity, you will no longer need to refer to the Profile screen. For details read the knowledgebase article.

Tenancy Consent for Electronic Notice

Tenancy Consent for Electronic notice feature has been enhanced.
- The inspection Mail Merge Consent filter now defaults to Consented for emails
- Inspection Notices can no longer be resent to a Tenancy Contact who has NOT consented for electronic notices
- Mail Merge from the Tenancy Profile will now show contacts that have not consented for electronic notices. For details read the knowledgebase article.

Income & Expenditure Report Tags

The Income and Expenditure Summary screen has been enhanced to include filtering by Owner Tags, allowing statements to be run in batches to accommodate Branch reporting.

This is the first of several enhancements to the Income & Expenditure Reporting. For details read the knowledgebase article.

Bank Account number

Several Banks have increased their account number character size, from 9 to 12 digits. To accommodate this change 12 digits may be added to your Trust Account configuration details in Property Tree via Company & Trust Details > Trust Account Information > Account Number. 

ABA files will be accurately created using the last 9 digits of the account number. For details read the knowledgebase article.

Tenancy Rent Summary Report

The new Tenancy Rent Summary report summarises, tenancies for each rental period.  It includes rolling arrears totals for each period paid, until the tenancy vacate date is reached.

It is accessible from Trust & Reports > Tenancy > Tenancy Rent Summary.

The Summary is also available as part of the Tribunal Report. The standalone report allows you to solve rent related queries without switching between screens or generating a full Tribunal Report. For details read the knowledgebase article

Invoice Genius default notice period

When creating a Tenancy Invoice from Invoice Genius the due date, now defaults to the Configured Tenancy Invoice due date, aligning the behaviour with Property Tree.

Issues resolved in this release

When editing a file name of a document or image attached to a maintenance request the new file name could not be saved.
When attempting to configure receipt clearance days, the up and down arrows were not displaying.
The Rent Summary within the Tribunal Report did not display any rent transactions receipted after the vacate date had passed.
Business Insights user access and set up for Administrator users can now be edited by all Administrator users.


For an in depth look at the additions & changes included in this month's release, view the e-learning self-paced training here.

Profiles Tabbed View

You may have already found the new look tabbed view of ownership, property and tenancy profiles. 

This view will make locating profile information easier, eliminating the need to scroll up & down a single page.

If you don’t have time to check it out now, use the toggle to switch between the Classic & Tabbed view.

This release delivers the first phase of our profile project, join our Early Adopters Program to be one of the first to see phase two!

Consent for Electronic Notices

You can now accurately record which Residential Tenancy contacts have NOT consented to receive Electronic Notices. Read the knowledgebase article for more information. 

Trust & Reports – Title links update

Minor enhancements have been made to the Trust & Reports landing page, removing duplicate links.

User Interface updates

We have made some changes to the look of Property Tree improving consistency across the application and aligning further with our brand guidelines.

Issues resolved in this release

Automated Communications with multiple templates set were unable to update the "Active" function to change the default template.
Tenants with a Vacate Date are now excluded from Lease Expiry Notifications when creating a mail merge.
There was an issue with Invoice Genius reading and processing tenant water usage amount and description with new Watercare NZ invoices, due to minor changes made to the invoice. 

January 2020

For an in depth look at the additions & changes included in this month's release, click here to view the e-learning self-paced training.

Updates to Automated Communications

Automated Communications Landing page
Templates listed on the Automated Communications landing page have been re-grouped and divided into 3 separate tabs, Accounts
Property Management & Sales, making it easier for users to find, update & manage automated communications in Property Tree.

Automated Lease Expiry communications
We have added two new auto communications, Lease Expiry:Tenancy & Lease Expiry:Ownership allowing you to automate your release renewal process.

Lease expiry notifications can be toggled on/off from the new Property Management tab on the Automated Communications page.

Paid Date added to creditor Find & View Invoices

Find Creditor Invoice search results and the Creditor Invoice screen now includes the date the invoice was paid.

New Hyperlinks

We have added some new hyperlinks to help improve day to day useability making it easier to navigate and access information.

  • Find Creditor Invoice now links to Property and Ownership profiles
  • Find Tenancy Invoice now links to Tenant and Property profiles
  • Find Transaction now links to Property profile
    Recurring Invoices now links to Creditor, Tenancy, Property and Owner profiles.

Chat icon location move

Thanks for the feedback about the placement of the support chat icon! 

We have taken that feedback onboard and relocated chat to the bottom left, decreasing the instances where the icon was overlapping action buttons.

Issues resolved in this release
Income & Expenditure Statements were incorrectly including cancelled payments in the Owner Payments total.
When generating an Income & Expenditure Statement for a new customer,  statement #1 was not displaying the statement 'from' date.
Tenant direct debit payments had a limitation of debiting a tenancy up to 3 months after the vacate date. This limitation has been extended to 12 months after the vacate date.
In some instances, bank files with a significant amount of transactions were unable to be processed using the Tenant Download feature.
An issue was identified where manage rent roll exports were not recording on the information audit. This issue has now been resolved. 

December 2019

For an in depth look at the additions & changes included in this month's release click here.

Pin notes to Receipts & Invoices

Notes and Reminders can now be pinned from profiles to Receipts and Invoices, allowing team members and users to keep up to date with key information in relation to their owners, properties and tenancies.

Find out more information in this article here.

Bulk Mail Merge for Lease Expiry

Communicating with Tenants regarding their Lease Expiry just got easier!

A new filter has been added to Create Mail Merge called Lease Expiry. Use it to filter tenancies by Portfolio, Tags and Lease Expiry Date.

We have also made improvements to the Bulk Mail Merge functionality by renaming the existing scenario types with more meaningful names.

Sensitive Notifications

Following on from last month’s release, we have further enhanced the Sensitive Notifications feature. 

Payment method changes will now trigger a notification and notification emails have been updated to include more information.

Find out more information in this article here. 

Business Insights User Management


When an Administrator grants a team member access to Business Insights, they are now able to choose which board/s will be available, protecting sensitive information.

Find out more information in this article here.

Average Management Fee % to be calculated on Active Properties


The Business Insights Average Management fee % now includes Active Properties as well as Active Leases and will be reflected in Business Insights reporting as well as the Statistics Report.

Find out more information in this article here.

New look Chat

We have improved our chat experience, you will now:

  • Connect to support agents faster than ever before 
  • Have more visibility on expected wait times
  • Be able to attach files & hyperlinks
  • See your previous interactions
  • Automatically create a ticket outside of business hours
Issues resolved in this release
When sending a Quote Request to a second or third creditor the Preferred Contact option was not enabled.
Ownership Statements were incorrectly reporting Amount Paid to Owners with split payments to identical accounts. 
Rent receipt numbers and Paid to dates were showing out of sequence on reports when receipted via Tenant Download.
The Tribunal Report was displaying Owner Portal communications on the report prior to the existing tenancies commencement.
Archived Profiles were not displaying previously created forms from REI Forms. 

November 2019

Sensitive Change Alert

Help safeguard against any possible fraudulent activity!

Sensitive Notifications will keep nominated Administrator and/or Super users informed of changes being made in their Property Tree account.

An email will be sent to those nominated, when an ABA/EFT file is created, Bank Account details are changed, Rent Roll details are exported, or Profiles are archived.

Further Information on how to configure this feature can be found here.

Information Audit

Improvements have been made to the Information Audit Report, the report will be updated when Owner or Property fees are changed and removed from a profile.

Managements Page

In our last release we successfully introduced a dedicated Accounts Landing Page, to streamline all accounting functionality into a single place.

This month, we are dedicated to streamlining the Managements Landing Page by providing Property Managers with a single place to perform their day to day tasks. This includes removing duplicate Accounting links, relocating the Direct Debit Extract and Recurring Invoice Summary to the Trust & Reports Landing Page, centralising Communication and separating Contacts Summary and Portal Invitations.

Archived Profiles

We have taken your feedback on-board and improved the search for Archived profiles.

A new filter - Include/Exclude Archived has been added to the Properties panel of the Ownership Profile and the Tenancies panel of the Property profile.

Note: Active properties will remain as the default.

New Zealand EFT Files

New Zealand Users can now benefit from entering an EFT Reference against their Owner Payment Information. This reference will appear on Owners Bank Statement in the Reference field. This applies across most major banks.

Updated Email Branding

System generated emails sent via Property Tree i.e., Password Reset, New User Invitations, etc. will now reflect our new navy corporate branding.

All existing user or company created emails and templates will not be impacted by this change.
Additional Hyperlinks

Additional hyperlinks have been added to View Creditor Invoice, View Receipt, View Outstanding Invoices (available on the Creditor Profile), and the Recurring Invoices Summary. This will allow users to easily navigate between pages.

International User Access

Users with international mobile numbers will now be able to access and authenticate a user login to Property Tree.

October 2019


Improving further flexibility and customisation of our dashboards, each user is now able to 'Drag and Drop' widgets to personlise each board which will be saved. Every time a user logs into their Property Tree account on any device this personlisation will display.

Performance improvements have been made to the dashboard including switching between dashboards and optimised re-ordering when using a tablet or mobile phone.

Issues have also been resolved where the incorrect board was selected after switching between multiple companies

New Property Tree Colours

Users will notice a fresh new look and feel across Property Tree, the existing green colours have been replaced with our new Rockend navy theme. This has been updated to all change passwords and update details pages. The login screen will follow and be released with the new branding next Week.

New Accounting Landing Page

Users can now access a new accounting landing page by clicking on the 'Dollar Sign' icon on the left hand-side panel. This page contains receipting, invoicing, payments, bank reconciliation, banking, transactions, fees, tenancy funds and end of period. It eliminates the need to flick between the management and trust & reports screen which centralises the accounting information.

The links to perform these tasks will remain in their original place with a notification banner at the top of the box reading 'Note: The features below will soon be moved to the Accounting page'.

Added Hyperlinks 

Owner, Property and Tenant hyperlinks have been added to the screen where you view Tenancy Invoice information. This allows users to navigate from viewing the Tenancy Invoice information into any of the profile screens.

Fixed in this Release

Hyperlinks within the Franchise themes were not prominent enough and blended too closely with brand colours. This has now been resolved.

Commercial Reports

When generating the Commercial Tenancy Leases and Tenancy Rent Review report an error message would appear. This has now been resolved.

Receipt Number 

Order on the Receipt Report is not sequential when using Tenant Download causing issues for customer auditing. This has now been resolved

New Dashboards 

Clients using Internet Explorer 11 experienced issues accessing and viewing the Property Tree dashboards, Business Insights and Invoice Genius due to a recent browser update. This issue has now been resolved.

September 2019

Archiving Tenants

Users can now archive Tenants with outstanding Invoices and Tenants with a charge to date in the future. In the tenancy Archive screen, it will now display an exclamation mark against 'No Outstanding Invoices/Fees' and 'Charge to Date has been reached'.

Tenancy Invoices for Archived Tenants are available in the 'Find Tenancy Invoices' screen and selecting the 'Include Archived' option, where you can resend and cancel the invoice.

The tribunal Report has been updated to display all outstanding invoices at the time the tenant was archived, it will also display the accurate Charge to Date.

Click here to view further information
Property Receipt 

Users are now able to create Property Receipts from the managements screen and against the Property Profile using the orange actions button. This can be used for insurance claims and returned creditor payments.

Click here to view further information 
Tenancy Rent Summary Report

The new 'Rent Summary Report' is now available, this report clearly summaries a residential or commercial tenancy's position of each rental period and a rolling arrears total. This report can be accessed through the Tribunal Report against each Tenancy Profile.

Click here to view further information 
Document Management 

Document Management has been enhanced so that users will experience less loading time when saving Documents against profiles in Property Tree.

Learn about Document Management here
New Merge Field 

A new merge field, 'Today's Date' has been added to Automated Communications and Mail Merge Templates which may assist with inspection and entry notices.

Learn about Automated Communications here
Fixed in this Release 
Income & Expenditure Report

Rent Journals as a result from a change of Ownership were not appearing on the Income & Expenditure Report, this issue has now been resolved.

Learn about reading I&E reports here
Adding Creditors

When a Maintenance Request was added with a note, users were unable to proceed to add a creditor until refreshing the page manually. This has now been resolved.

Learn about Maintenance Requests here
Sending Mail Merge Emails

When selecting 'A recipient should get one email for each matching property' it caused the mail merge fields to be ignored and the 'From' field default to the Company Name. This has now been resolved

Learn about setting up Mail Merge Templates here
Payment Batch Screen

When printing Ownership Statements and selecting 'Include Creditor Invoices', if the file type was invalid or corrupt, an error would occur. This has now been resolved and a report with the corrupt PDF's invoices will show together with the invoice number.

Learn about Ownership Statements here
Commercial Tenancies Arrears Report

The Commercial Tenancies Arrears Report was displaying the Tenancy twice and doubled the amount of arrears amount owing. This has now been resolved.

Learn about Arrears Reports
Replacement Invoices

When applying a credit to an invoice, the replacement invoice was not displaying on the current period ledger, however, it was displaying correctly on the historical ledger. This issue has now been resolved.

Learn about applying credits to an invoice

August 2019


As a result of the significant positive feedback received on our new dashboards, the existing dashboard will be retired and replaced. The new dashboard will now be seen as the default landing page when logging into Property Tree

Dashboard Performance

Users will experience a significant difference in the time taken to load real-time data within widgets on our new dashboard.

Side Navigation Bar

Users will notice enhancements to the Side Navigation Bar on the left-hand side of the screen. Key feature areas of the application will be easier to identify through the use of new iconography and large tooltips introducing each area.

System Notifications

Enhancements have been made to our system notifications in Property Tree, and now these will be displayed more prominently on our new dashboards.


Users in Australia can now configure SMS communications to come from a no reply 11 character alpha numeric. This could be a business name or number.

Disbursing Funds to Owners

When users have processed a Pay Ownership in Property Tree, on the confirmation and payment batch screen to view statements to print, the tick box 'Include Creditor Invoices' has now been updated to ensure clarity that only PDF documents will appear with the print statements.

Arrears Notices 

Users can suspend arrears notices and overdue tenancy invoices for both Residential and Commercial Tenancies.

Invoice Forwarding

When processing Creditor Invoices in Invoice Genius, users can now forward Creditor Invoices to other staff members in their office for approval, review and/or processing.

NZ Water Care Invoices

Users will now be able to process NZ Watercare Invoices through Invoice Genius. When Processing the invoice, Invoice Genius will calculate the water usage, the total amount owed and generate a description based off the invoice.
Document Management

Users will now be able to save email files (.msg) to Document Management against each Ownership, Property and Tenancy Profile in Property Tree. Users can drag and drop emails from outlook into Property Tree without needing to save it as a PDF first.

Creditor Invoice

Users will now see a popup message to notify if a PDF file attached to Creditor Invoices could not be saved. The popup will include the Invoice File and the Invoice Reference Number.

July 2019


Users will now have access to five new customisable dashboards, Agency, Arrears, Leases, Vacancies and Accounts, each with comprehensive information about key statistics and functions in the office. Users will have the ability to apply filters and drill down into dashboard statistics.

Tenancy Schedule

Users with the Commercial Module activated will now have access to a new Tenancy Schedule Report. The report will allow Commercial Property Managers to clearly identify and report on key lease, rent and bond information.

Ownership Statements

When an ownership statement is generated for printing, creditor invoices can now be attached for printing providing it is PDF format.

Pay Ownership 

Additional Filters have been added to the Pay Ownership Screen, allowing users to search via Ownership Name as well as transaction details. This will help to filter and exclude ownerships that you do not wish to pay as a part of the pay ownership process. 

Commercial Tenancy Profiles

Commercial Tenancies, where the owner is registered for GST, will now display rent and budgeted outgoings inclusive and exclusive of GST.

Inspection Status

A new filter “In-Progress status” has been added to inspections and will be clearly displayed on all inspections that are Proposed, Tentative, Confirmed or Conducted.

Work Order

Personal mobile numbers currently showing in work orders will now be replaced by the agency contact number pulled from Company Details.

June 2019

Key Registration

You can now use a mixture of alpha and numeric characters when assigning a key number to a property profile.

Bulk Update of the Ownership Statement Style

If you would like to updated your owners from one statement style to another statement style, you can now easily do so in a bulk update process.

Vacant Commercial Property - Ownership Statement

The compact ownership statement will no longer incorrectly show an information line in relation to the Effective Paid to Date when the property is vacant. This applies to future generated statements only.

Ownership GST Component - Archived Commercial Property

The GST status of an ownership with a commercial property can now be updated, when no active tenancies are attached.

Updating Pay Ownership Amount

The amount to be paid to the owner will update in real time when a creditor invoice is outstanding, and an admin fee is removed.

Recurring Transactions Using Safari

You can process recurring transactions within Property Tree when using a Safari browser.

May 2019

Ownership Statements

Basic and One Per Page Ownership statement styles will now have Agency Contact details surfaced on the right hand side of the header making it easier for owners to find contact details and get in touch if need be.

Tenancy Fees

To streamline the Charge Tenancy Fee process and reduce manual communications, there is now a new workflow for charging tenancy fees. You will be able to charge tenancy fees, add or edit descriptions and amounts and send out tenancy invoices via email to notify tenants of outstanding items.  

Arrears Notices

For greater flexibility in managing arrears you are now able to configure your automated arrears notices to be triggered by the Period or Effective Paid to Date.

Statistics Report

Easily manage a Key Performance Indicator with the inclusion of the Average Weekly Management fee. You can also filter by Effective or Period arrears and select the number of days for which you would like the arrears statistic to display.

Account Categorisation

To enable more precise visibility of Average Management fees and to improve Business Intelligence reporting, there is now the ability to categorise Agency Income Accounts. e.g. Management Fee, Leasing Fee, Revenue Recovery and Other Revenue account types.

Commercial Arrears Reporting

Enhancements have been made to the commercial arrears report to more easily identify and track tenants in arrears. The report now has additional filters and allows the user to clearly distinguish between Tenancies in Rent/Outgoings arrears and Tenancies in Fee or Other Invoice arrears.

Tenancy Contacts

Users are now able to configure multiple Tenancy Contacts to automatically receive Tenancy Invoices and Tenancy Receipts independently of each other, providing the flexibility to communicate more effectively with your Tenants.

Invoice Due Dates

To streamline the process, new global configuration options are available to set the number of days a Tenant is given to pay a Tenancy Invoice and a Commercial Rent & Budgeted Outgoings Invoice.

Invoice Account Codes

When creating a linked Tenancy invoice from Create Creditor Invoice or Create Recurring Creditor Invoices, you are now able to select a tenancy invoice account code independently of the selected creditor invoice account code.  Income codes have been included to accurately report tenancy funds as income

Tenancies Vacating

Enhancements have been made to the Tenancies Vacating report, allowing users to better filter by Charge to Date or Move out Date. The report will now also link to the Property Profile, display Tenancy Held Funds and Vacate Credit Owed.

Information Audit Report

Changes to Recurring Invoices in Property Tree will now be reflected in the Information Audit Report.

Payment Files

ABA and BPAY payment files can now be generated on Android devices. 

April 2019

Commercial Inspections

You now have the ability to schedule and manage your commercial inspections using Property Tree. Automate inspection notices for Owners and Tenants, set up Automated Scheduling and Charge Fees. The new Bulk Edit feature is also available to edit and send communications in bulk.

This feature has been brought to you by 242 User Voice Votes. 

Edit Inspections in Bulk

To streamline the administration of inspections you can now update the Status, Date and Time of your inspections in bulk from the Inspection Summary Report. By using the Bulk Edit feature you are also able to simultaneously send multiple communications to tenants notifying them of upcoming inspections.

This feature has been brought to you by 242 User Voice Votes. 

Inspection Summary Report

To assist with bulk editing inspections we have update the Inspections Summary Report to filter by suburb, and address and suburb as separate columns in the report.

Recurring Invoices

Streamline business processes and reduce admin by making use of the new Recurring Invoices feature within Property Tree. Create Creditor, Tenancy or linked Tenancy and Creditor Recurring Invoices for both Residential and Commercial properties.

This feature has been brought to you by the 121 User Voice Votes.

Statistics Report Update

Enhancements have been made to our Statistics Report to allow you to further identify key performance indicators. The Report will now default as GST Exclusive when generated. You can opt to view it GST Inclusive or exclusive and will be able to view average weekly rent on the report.

This feature has been brought to you by 121 User Voice Votes

Tenant Download

Maitland Mutual Building Society payment files can now be processed in Tenant Download . Quicken Interchange File (QIF) format and the 3rd party payment (.PAY) file will be available to be processed. 

New Ownership Statement Style

A new compact ownership style is now available. Owners can easily identify Income, Expenses, Fees and Payments. Rent Income and Fees are summarised in this statement

Tenancies Vacating

The Tenancies Vacating report will now show all Tenancies Vacating or Vacated, not just those who are currently owing funds.

This feature has been brought to you by the 13 User Voice Votes. 

Invoice Processing

Unity Water Invoices and other invoices with non-visible characters in the file name are now able to be processed when entering creditor or tenancy invoices manually

Creditor BPay Payments

CBA and BankWest BPay customers can now upload a maximum of 200 BPay transactions without having Cheques and EFT payments count towards this maximum.

Invoice Genius Interface Update

The user interface for Invoice Genius has been updated. It will now be quicker and easier to process your barcoded and non-barcoded invoices.

Help Links Update

We are continuing to work on updating and streamlining how we provide you with assistance via our Need Help function. You will notice the removal of the question marks (?) from Property Tree as a part of this process. If you have any feedback please let us know here

Release Feedback

Would you like to give us feedback on Property Tree product releases? Click here to leave your thoughts and suggestions

February 2019

Bulk Mail Merge Filters

Add filters for tenants relating to Arrears and Inspections, plus for Creditors that have open quote requests and open work orders when using the Bulk Mail Merge function.

This feature was brought to you by the 157 votes on User Voice

Outgoing Emails

Send a copy of emails sent from Property Tree to any other recipient.

This feature was brought to you by the 250 votes on User Voice

Direct Debit

You can now configure the direct debit feature to see and debit rent and invoices due up to 30 days in advance.

Ownership Payments

The ability to split payments between multiple owners has been updated to include two decimal places, allowing easier and more exact equal payments

This feature was brought to you by the 21 votes on User Voice

Need Help

You may notice some changes to the Need Help function within Property Tree whilst we move all information you need into one central location. If you have any feedback during this process please click here

Release Feedback

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January 2019

Auto Inspection Scheduling

At the time a vacate date is added to the tenancy profile, and auto inspection scheduling is enabled, an alert will appear confirming the vacate date, the next scheduled inspection, a reminder to review and cancel the inspection, if appropriate, plus the next steps with routine inspection scheduling

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Document Management

The documents area within Owner, Property, Tenant and Creditor profiles has been enhanced. Easily personalise, sort and filter files plus view and export your files. All invoices processed through Property Tree will automatically add to the documents area in the Property and Owner profiles

Maintenance Job Reporting

View and export reports on all Maintenance and Jobs entered into Property Tree regardless of status

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Ownership Funds Report

A new report is available providing a detailed breakdown of funds across all Ownerships including withheld funds and unknown funds

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Owner Payment Reference Field

The owner profile payment option, for Australian based customers, has been updated to include a reference field that will appear on the agency ABA file and the owner's bank statement

Direct Debit Tenant Fees

Outstanding tenancy fees will now show on the direct debit batch, along with rent and invoices owing, allowing for the fee to be paid by direct debit

Allocating Partial Payments using Tenant Download

Allocation rules for Tenant Download has a new option ‘Match and allocate balance to Held for Tenancy’. This will send funds automatically to Held for Tenancy when all other allocation rules have not been matched

Reporting Duplicate Links

All reports are now located in the Trust & Reports page of Property Tree and reminders of the relocation has been removed

Direct Deposit Clearance Days

The option to add clearance days to funds paid by direct deposit has been added

Creating Receipts

Click on 'Create a Receipt', your cursor will appear directly in the Search field

Bond & Deposit Summary Report

The exportable field ‘Held by Authority’ has been reinstated and added to the columns options

Duplicate Receipt Description

When reprinting a receipt, the wording at the bottom right hand side corner of the receipt has been updated to say “Receipt Copy”

Management Authority Overview

The filtered results in the Management Authority Overview will now reflect correctly

Google Address Validation

A validated address entered into the Property search field will save without error

Auto Communications - Arrears

In some cases, the auto communication for arrears sent on the 7 day trigger was not working, this has been fixed

Preferred Contacts Method

A tenancy contact having two email addresses set as the preferred contact method will now only appear once on reports