Summary: The Property Tree Owner & Tenant Portal is an online platform where your owners and tenants can access their property information and communicate directly with you. Owners and tenants can instantly see their current status such as property, arrears, lease and management information. 

Features of Owner & Tenant Portal

Owner Portal

See how your Owners can use the Owner Portal

Tenant Portal

See how your tenants can use the Tenant Portal 

Access to Statements and Receipts

Owners and tenants can access the statements, ledgers, receipts and invoices that you have created for them within Property Tree.

Add and view Maintenance Requests

Owners and Tenants can create maintenance requests and view their progress. Owners can choose a quote and approve the maintenance job. 

Owners can view Rental History

Allowing them to see a full history of Rental Increases. 

Tenants can Manage Inspections

Tenants can accept scheduled Inspections or propose a new time and date. 

Communication Hub

Communicate with your owners and tenants through Owner & Tenant Portal using direct messages. Messages are organised like conversations so you don't need to rummage through your inbox to make sense of it all. 

NOTE: the email notifying the owner/tenant or a portal message is from and is a no-reply email address. The owner/tenant must reply through the portal or directly to the property manager

Links to attachment

Messages from Property Tree to Owner & Tenant Portal users will include a link to any attachments so that the user can quickly click to see the attachment without having to login to the portal. 

All under one roof

If you have an owner who is also a tenant, they will be able to see all of their information in one place. Better yet if the owner has another property managed by another agency using Property Tree, they will also be able to see that property's details as well.


Owners and Tenants have access to the Portal Knowledge Base, which they can access anytime when using the Owner & Tenant Portal. It is designed to help them use the feature and understand the information available, such as ownership statements and tenancy ledgers.

TIP: Share the benefits of Owner & Tenant Portals with your owners & tenants. Send them a link to the relevant video, see links below: