Summary: PropertyTree integrates with Xero to save you time, and help you manage your general accounting by pushing information about your income from PropertyTree to Xero. 

Xero Integration Overview

What does it do?

The Xero integration pushes a complete breakdown of your income from PropertyTree to Xero every time you do an agency payment. When the funds arrive in your general account and display in your Xero bank reconciliation, they will be automatically receipted against the correct account in your Xero chart of accounts.


How does it work?

  • When setting up your integration, you will need to match your PropertyTree income accounts with the accounts you have set up in Xero.
  • Every time you do an Agency Payment in PropertyTree a sales receivable invoice is created in Xero with a line item for every account you pay out of.
  • When the bank transaction displays in your Xero bank rec, it is automatically matched to this invoice. As a result the income is mapped to the correct Xero account codes automatically.
  • An accurate breakdown of your income in Xero will help you or your accountant to manage your income, predict cash flow etc..


What do I need before I begin integration?

  • Xero Account

You must have an active account with Xero with the chart of accounts setup that you want to match up with PropertyTree. See for more details.

  • $0 Agency balance

You cannot have any funds against your agency account within your Trust. Pay out all funds and make sure you don't have any funds owing to ownerships. See Pay Agency for more information.

Configuring your Xero Integration

You cannot begin the integration process if you do not have a $0 Balance. See above for more information.

  • Go to Configuration > Integration > Xero and click Integrate with Xero 
  • You will be redirected to Xero where you'll need to login (If you have popup blocker it will need to be disabled to proceed).
  • Select your organisation in Xero that PropertyTree will access, then Authorise Access. You will then be redirected back to PropertyTree.
  • Match your PropertyTree and Xero accounts. From the drop down menu, select the matching income account from both systems then click Match These Accounts. Repeat until all PropertyTree accounts are matched.

Note: The income you receive in PropertyTree is already inclusive of GST. As part of the integration, the total of your GST will be pushed through separately as a PropertyTree account (GST Inputs claimable). You will need to match this account with a liability account in Xero. A GST liability account should already be created by default in Xero.

  • Select a 0% GST rate for your Xero accounts. Income received in PropertyTree is inclusive of GST, therefore Xero should not add GST or else it will be charged again. In Xero you can set multiple GST rates, and by default Xero has a 0% GST rate configured. Select a 0% rate and click Select this Rate
    Consult your accountant for more information about GST rates. 

  • Integration complete! PropertyTree is now integrated with Xero. See below for information on how to use it and how to make changes if required.

Using your Xero integration

The Xero integration process automatically occurs during the 
Agency payment process, when money is paid from the trust to the general account. So there are no extra actions you need to do except for logging into Xero to authorise access. 
If you have already logged into Xero before performing the agency payment, you only need to authorise access for PropertyTree.

NOTE: If your Xero connection is lost during the Pay Agency process,  you will not be able to proceed. Go to Configuration > Integrations > Xero to reconnect or if your details have changed check your Xero account.

Making changes to your Xero integration

You can return to the Xero integration page to make changes to the integration although, you generally will not need to make changes to your integration.


Edit GST rate: Change the GST rate that you are currently using for the integration.

  1. Click Connect with Xero, login and authorise access to PropertyTree
  2. Go to Actions > Edit GST rate
  3. Select a GST rate and click save


View and edit matched accounts: Remove current matched accounts and make new matches

  1. Click Connect with Xero, login and authorise access to PropertyTree
  2. All matched accounts will display. Click the red x to remove the current match 
  3. Match accounts. From the drop down menu, select the matching income account from both systems then click Match These Accounts. Repeat until all PropertyTree accounts are matched.


Deactivate integration: Information will cease to be pushed through to Xero after agency payments from PropertyTree. If you deactivate integration you can reactivate it again by going to the actions menu.

Go to Actions > Deactivate Integration, then click OK to confirm the deactivation. 


Remove Integration: Information will cease to be pushed through to Xero. Your PropertyTree and Xero accounts will no longer be matched together. Note: If you remove integration you will need to reconfigure the integration again and rematch all of your accounts.

Go to Actions > Remove Integration, then  click OK to confirm the removal of the integration.