Summary: Administrators can integrate PropertyTree with REI forms Live/Realworks to pre-populate forms with profile information. Use your existing account or create a new one. To find out more about REI Forms Live or Realworks read their REI Forms Live or Realworks walk through guides.
Note: Integration with REI excludes Victoria.

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Integrate an account

You will need an REI Forms Live/Realworks account to complete this step

  1. Obtain an access token for your REI Forms Live/Realworks account
  2. PropertyTree administrators can activate the account by entering the access token into PropertyTree via Configuration > Integrations > REI Forms Live/Realworks
  3. Each person enters their access token to activate their account in PropertyTree: Managements or Sales > Quick Links > Create REI/Realworks Form

Create a form within a profile

The advantage of creating an REI/Realworks form from a profile is it is ready to link to the selected profile.

  1. Go to Managements or Sales and then select Find Profile.
  2. In the profile, scroll to the REI Forms Live/Realworks panel and click the add item icon.
  3. The Create REI Form interface displays with the profile information to populate. Click Next.
  4. Continue from step 5 in Create a form from quick links.

Create a form in Quick Links

When you create an REI form from Quick Links you need to find your profile to populate the form.

  • On the main menu, click Managements or Sales.
  • Under Quick Links, click Create REI/Realworks Form.

  • Start typing the profile name in the search field and select it from the list.
  • The profile is linked to the REI form. Click Next. Note: if you need to change the profile, click the edit item icon.

  • Start typing the template name or use the filters to find your template. Click the template to select it and then click Next.
  • Narrow the search by selecting private forms or custom templates. Note: You create custom templates in REI/Realworks.

  • Review the form details. If required, unselect pre-populate form using selected profile and select to make the form private. Click Create Form.Note: To see the form, make sure you have pop-ups unblocked in your browser (for help, see Disabling a Pop-up Blocker).
  • Your created form opens in the REI Forms Live website. To complete the creation, save and close the form.

View and download created forms

To view and download REI forms that are linked to profiles:

  1. In the main menu, click Managements or Sales and find the profile.
  2. In the profile, scroll down to the REI Forms Live panel and click the arrow to expand it.
  3. Click the download icon.

Deactivate an Integration

Go to Configuration > Integrations > REI Forms Live/Realworks and click Deactivate. Deactivate is unavailable if the account in not activated.