Summary: The commercial feature is built on the existing features within Property Tree. Which means you will still use similar processes such as creating accounts and fees or adding profiles but you'll have additional options that you wouldn't otherwise have for residential managements.

Note: With the standard subscription of Property Tree you can add up to 2 commercial properties before you need to activate the commercial feature.

Activate Commercial

Activating the Commercial feature will enable you to add unlimited commercial properties. This comes at an additional cost and is included within your overall property count for your monthly billing. See the Terms and Conditions when activating for more details.

  1. Go to Configuration > Company Tasks > Optional Features
  2. Click on the Activate link on the commercial feature row 
  3. Read the terms and conditions and then Select the Accept Terms & Conditions checkbox 
  4. Click the Activate button

Setting up Accounts and Fees

See our solution Commercial Accounts and Fees to see some suggested accounts and fees you may want to add.

Adding Profiles: Owners, Properties and Tenancies
See our solution Tips to adding a Commercial Ownership, Property and TenancyThis will outline extra information and options to think about during setup.