Summary: SMS is another communication method used in Property Tree to communicate with Tenancies and Ownerships. It can be used to send automated arrears notices or to send a bulk SMS to owners and tenants.

Note: The SMS feature can only be used as an outgoing SMS service. Therefore owners and tenants cannot reply to an SMS message they have received from you. SMS messages cannot be sent to international mobile numbers.

In this topic:

  • Activate SMS
  • SMS Pricing
  • Automated Communications
  • Send Bulk SMS
  • Send SMS from Tenant or Ownership Profile

Activate SMS

To activate SMS go to Configuration > Company Tasks> Optional Features > Prepaid Features > SMS or read the Knowledge Base article Activate prepaid features for more information.

SMS Pricing


  • Line Hire rate: $2.95 per month excl GST for every phone number in use
  • Per SMS price: $0.10 incl GST

New Zealand

  • Line Hire rate: $4.50 per month excl GST for every phone number in use
  • Per SMS price: $0.10 incl GST

Automated Communications

SMS can be used in conjunction with Automated Communications to send notices via text and email. Once activated turn on individual communications and customise templates.

SMS automated communications will send to all contacts within the tenancy with a valid mobile number.


Note: There is no OPT out message on these types of messages, however contacts are able to unsubscribe/OPT out from SMS messaging by using general prompts such as STOP. This OPT out feature is mandatory and complies with commercial use of SMS practices.

Go to Configuration > Management Tasks > Automated Communications and turn on automation for the notices you wish to send:

  • Automatic Arrears Notices
  • Automatic Overdue Invoice Notice (Tenancy)
  • Inspection Notice: Tenancies
  • Inspections Notification: Ownerships

Next Configure Notices:

  • Add triggers (number of days before/after an event)
  • Choose the the media to be sent (Email, SMS, Letter)
  • Choose the Notice (template to be used)

Customise templates:

  • Add/Edit Template Name
  • Add/Edit information in the Body of the notice
  • Add/Edit Template Fields to be merged into the body of the notice

NOTE: It is a good idea to check each template as a standard text message has 160 characters, anything over that amount becomes a second message.

See also:

Automatic Arrears Notices

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Send Bulk SMS

Send an SMS message to All or selected Owners and Tenancies using the Bulk SMS feature.

Go to Managements > Communication > Send Bulk SMS

  • Choose who to send to Tenancy/Ownership
  • Tick the box next to the the contacts you wish to select or tick the header to select all
  • Contacts can be edited from here by clicking on the edit pencil
  • Add your text message to the Message box

    Important Note: It is highly recommended to manually type in all SMS text, as copying and pasting any text from a third party program (i.e. WORD or a website) into the SMS field can result in a higher number of SMS's due to hidden spacing. 
  • You can leave the auto populated text of DO NOT REPLY as the start of the message as there is no reply option
  • Always make sure you check the SMS number count before sending your SMS

Send SMS From Tenant or Ownership Profile

Send an SMS for an individual Tenancy or Ownership direct from the profile. 

Navigate to the Profile > Contacts and click on the send SMS icon. You are able to compose and send an adhoc SMS message. To make communicating even easier you are able to also open the send new SMS link in a new tab or window. Simply right click and select the option that suits you best, you can then split your screen so that you are able to compose the SMS whilst still seeing information on the owner or tenant profile.  

NOTE: Due to the length limitations of the SMS format, long messages are divided into multiple segments. Charges are calculated per SMS with the estimated number of segments required being shown at the bottom of the Compose panel